Video: Teenager Jumps Inside Siberian Tiger Cage And Gets Mauled To Death

A tragedy struck at the Delhi zoo where a 22 years old young person named Maqsood fell into an 18-feed deep enclosure of a white tiger. Maqsood was stunned as he remained squeezed near the wall in a shocked state. Tiger named ‘Vijay’ approached the man and observed the man curiously.

While the people who were nearby started doing everything they could do to save the man, they screamed, shouted and threw stones on the tiger. But their efforts went in vain as they raged the tiger, who touched the person with his claws. Crowds around were scared and indulged into hitting the tiger, an endangered species with stones.

It was highly tragic and dramatic encounter resulting in the death of the young man. As per the eye witnesses’ account, the person kept on pleading for mercy as the wild mighty creature stood close to the man, touching him with its claw and retreated back a little, which continued for 10-12 minutes.

But then someone from the crowed threw stone at tiger that changed its next course of action. The tiger took the stone hit as an attack by the person. It took hold of the man from the neck and took him away into his enclosure. The big white tiger then dragged the person to inner side of the enclosure and left him aside. The man held his neck courageously as he tried moving while in sitting position. But then again people instigated the tiger and it finally mauled him to death.

There was obvious lack of safety and rescue resources at the zoo to initiate a rescue operation in such a situation. First 10 minutes were very important. Had the crowed not instigated the tiger, it might have left the person unhurt. It was not hungry so killing for food was probably not the reason. A tranquilizing gun might have saved the life of a young person who was mentally ill as per the statement of his father. Moreover, the behavior of the crowed was also equally responsible for enraged tiger.

The body remained in the enclosure till 4pm. The zoo authorities and police then removed the body after pushing the tiger into its cage. Later on, zoo director Mr Agnihotri said in a statement

All the enclosures of the National Zoological Park (Delhi Zoo) are absolutely safe”. He further noted, “No visitor can reach the moat wall of the enclosure without crossing the standoff barrier. This visitor (Maqsood) crossed the standoff barrier and ultimately jumped into the enclosure which led to his death by tiger.

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