Video: Long-term Travel Vs Scratching the Surface on a Short-term Vacation

It doesn’t matter if you travel short-term or long-term; what matters, in fact, is that you do travel.


Let’s not get caught up in a rut over the tiresome debate that which form of travel is better: long term or short term Or what makes the difference between a traveller and a tourist. That’s not important. It is a big world to unveil. If there’s any spark that lights inside you to go out and explore it, you should follow with your whole heart, camera and passport.

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Having said that, there’s no denying the fact that one goes on a long trip and a short trip with a very different type of philosophy, different tools and gear, and more importantly a different mindset. As a traveller, you must be well aware of both the sides of the coin. Let’s look at our top reasons for each side of the argument: and then it is up to you to decide which one is your cup of tea:

Advantages of long-term travel

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  1. Live Amongst new Cultures: The long-term travel gives an opportunity to become a part of the local community and experience their fascinating cultural heritage, which could only be grasped when you live amongst them for some weeks. P.S. It feels amazing to be recognized by the locals at the common cafe or a noodle joint.
  2. Lifelong Friendship and invincible bonds: Living amongst a community while traveling long term will not only give you a true insight into the people and their way of live but also forge you friendships and bonds to cherish for a lifetime.
  3. Make a positive impact on the local community, share smiles, win their gratitude and a plethora of happy memories in return.
  4. Sightseeing the hidden yet the best highlights: Living long-term at a destination opens up the possibility to unveil a lot more than the usual highlights in the periphery of your destination.
  5. With proper research beforehand, you could decrease the cost of travel way down. From staying at the cheapest hostels to housekeeping or cleaning there in exchange for a bed in the night, you could bring down your travel expenses considerably. 

Disadvantages of long-term travel

  1. You will end up spending a number of days living like a student on budget. From eating economic food at the local joints to living in an oh-so-basic hostel, your first priority would be to keep your daily budget in check.
  2. Being a traveller from far abroad, it might get difficult for you to find work at first. Only if you put your full mind and effort into it, the work could eventually pave its way towards you.
  3. One of the biggest disadvantages of travelling long-term is to leave your loved ones behind, and if you are a family oriented-person then it might become too much of an obstacle.
  4. On a short-trip you could at least take a flight to check around the nearby places, but with a long-term-plan your budget becomes a hindrance and you’re more likely to be adjusting on a sleeper bus or train!

So these were our top advantages and disadvantages of traveling long-term. Whatever your decision is: Your first and the foremost priority must be to enjoy every minute of your travel and cherish each and every unique experience for a lifetime.

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