Top 7 Breathtaking Travel Adventures Most Tourist Don’t Know About.

We’ve all spent enough vacations putting up in swish resorts, lying on the beach and getting a gorgeous suntan. While a lot of travelers love this idea of vacationing, others seek endless adventures such as leading a team of dogs through the Norwegian snow plains, or swimming their way through the mighty sharks. What’s more? A vacation filled with nail-biting adventures is most likely to send you home with once-in- a-lifetime experiences and intriguing tales for your friends, which is why these travel adventures deserve a top place on your to-do adventure list:

1. Dog Sledding in Lapland, Sweden

If you’re fond of dogs, then this is going to be the adventure of a lifetime. Imagine hustling-up with five handsome huskies as you guide your dog sled across the snowy terrains of Norway, Sweden and Finland. You’ll traverse through the breath-taking river edges, traditional settlements, in addition to the marvelous Norwegian mountains greeting you from a distance.


2. Cross the Sahara Desert on a Camel caravan

Ride atop the ‘Ship of the desert’ and unveil the ancient trade paths while getting a taste of the ultimate nomad life. While the journey may not be all smooth and comfy, the sightseeing the miraculous sunset from the sand dunes will fade all your exhaustion away, in the flash of a second.

3. Trek Mountains in Patagonia

Embrace yourself, Mountain Lovers! Patagonia is your paradise on Earth. A thinly inhabited region juxtaposed sandwiched between Argentina and Chile, Patagonia houses Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy, the couple of peaks that offer a wide range of trails for the mountain climbers with different tastes and abilities.

4. Swim along the Sharks in South Africa

Nothing quite beats the nail-biting experience of getting up, close and personal with the deadly sharks at False Bay in South Africa. Put your scuba gear on and go deep diving among these brutal predators.

5. Camping at Wildlife Century in the United States

Catering to spectacularly diverse natural wonders, the United States of America has got a lot in store for the nature lovers. All you’ve to do is Identify a safe spot, place your tent and enjoy a good night’s sleep among the wild. P.S. The experience of camping in the vicinity of the region’s wildlife and natural resources remains unmatched.

6. Sail on the Antarctica

While a cruise could offer glimpse of the Arctic Circle, it is full-fledged sailing which gives an insight into the real polar expedition. Enjoy camping, kayaking and hiking among seals and penguins, while overlooking the region’s much-hyped icebergs. What makes this expedition one of its kind is the isolated yet immaculate wilderness catered by the region.

7. Rafting through the Gigantic Amazon

The plush rainforests of Brazil and Ecuador are enriched with one of the Mother Nature’s richest and the most varied ecosystems. Raft through the Amazon and be a witness to the region’s flourishing flora and fauna, while experiencing the local community at the shore of the river. With a plethora of piranhas to look out for, this is one hell of an adventure.

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