These Are The World’s Most Breath-Taking, Abandoned Locations

There is something strange yet striking about abandoned places. No matter if it’s an art decorated subway station in NYC or a train cemetery in Bolivia, each of these places paint a different picture of history frozen in time. Take a quick tour of these breath-taking sites across the world—gentle reminders of what did they use to be.

1. Valley of the Mills, Sorrento, Italy

An exclusive creation of the Mother Nature, the ‘Valley of the Mills’ caters to stunning views from the top. But the real splendor is revealed, when you reach the bottom of the hills. As you gaze at this marvel your sight will fill you with shrewd amazement.

Although, vegetation has engulfed the structures over the time, this extra-ordinary confluence imparts ‘valley of the mills’ a mystic look. It is a perfect place for travelers seeking adventure.

2. Great Train Graveyard, Uyuni, Bolivia

Nestled 3600 meters above the sea level, the Great Train Graveyard is famous for the largest salt flat on the Earth. Because the water is mostly saline here, mining emerged as the primary activity which led to the development of rail network to transport the minerals.

Finally, when the minerals exhausted, miners had to abandon the trains in middle of the desert, and that’s how it became the Great Train Graveyard.

3. Buzludzha Monument, Kazanlak, Bulgaria

Standing tall at an astounding height of 1432 meters, Buzludzha is a historical peak in the central Bulgaria where final battle was fought between rebels and Ottoman Empire.

Master-crafted by the communist party of Bulgaria on this historical peak, the Buzludzha Monument is saucer-shaped and reminds us of UFOs.

4. Six Flags, New Orleans!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/lawless8n-6-web.jpg?w=736

Once a tourist hotspot buzzing with a number of activities, Six Flags is a 140 acres theme park which now wears a deserted look. Struck by the debilitating Hurricane Katrina, the park was inundated by the flooding waters that remained stagnant in the park for many weeks.

Today the park is nothing more than scrap yard with large cutouts, colorful roller coasters and the washed-out amenities. It is a monument signifying the nature’s vengeance upon the manmade structures.

5. City Hall Subway, New York City

A subway stop adorned with valuable chandeliers, City Hall features magnificent vaulted ceiling, making it stand out in the entire city. Unfortunately, this flamboyant décor could not impress the commuters who were more interested in the conveniently approached Brooklyn Bridge subway stop. Ultimately, this beautiful station was abandoned and subsequently converted into a Transit Museum. So, visit this station not to commute but to soak in the magnificence and décor of this subway.

6. Power Plant IM, Charleroi, Belgium

Installed in 1921 Power plant IM was one of the largests coal burning power plants in Belgium. It was the main source of energy to Charleroi region of Belgium, until a study concluded that it was responsible for 10% carbon emission of the country.

Subsequently the plant was closed in 2007. Nevertheless, magnificent cooling tower along with the abandoned plant is a big attraction for urban explorers.

7. Maunsell Sea Forts, England

Facing a major challenge to counter the aerial attacks from the German Air Force in the World War II, Great Britain formulated strategically engineered Six Maunsell Forts on the coast. Each of these six forts housed anti aircraft guns. Abandoned in 1950, these robust forts did well to stand the test of time and now being converted into a luxury hotel.

8. Michigan Central Station, Detroit

The Michigan Central Station was built for Michigan central Railroad and replaced the original station in downtown Detroit. Once buzzing with activities of people moving in and out of the station, this central station was the prominent economic center.

But when the recession hit the economy in the late 80’s, it took its toll on Michigan Central Station which saw the last train chugged off in 1988. Since then it stood neglected, looted and vandalized.

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