These Are The Most Breathtaking Restaurants On The Planet.

There are restaurants and then there are restaurants that leave you awe-inspired with their splendor, striking vistas, swish interiors and an irresistible appeal. From a restaurant nestled at the footsteps of the Eiffel Tower to the one which finds itself master-crafted inside a cave, there’s just no limit to architect’s out-of- the-box creation when it comes to dining. So, embrace yourself, here’s VoyagerChannel’s exclusive list of the world’s most spectacular restaurants:

1. Grotta Palazzese, Italy

Catering to an unmatched dining experience in the lapse of nature, Grotta Palazzese simply wows the travelers with its irresistible appeal. Nestled on a cliff overlooking the Adriatic Sea, boasts its romantic vibe all inside the cave.


2. Ithaa Undersea restaurant, Maldives

Nestled 16-feet deep under the water, this spectacular underwater restaurant could cater to 14 guests at a time, inducing an all- exclusive feel to the guests. What’s more? The restaurant showcases 270 degree panoramic views of the stunning blue ocean, swish European preparations and not to mention the sophisticated co-diners.

3. Restaurant Le Panoramic, France

An immaculate blend of the spectacular mountains and the ultra-luxe’ appeal, Restaurant Le Panoramic is located 3,000 meters above the sea level. True to its name, the restaurant caters to the breathtaking panoramic vistas from anywhere and everywhere you dine to enjoy the delectable French food. Just if the overwhelming views missed the trick, the chefs make it a memorable meal by serving local cuisines, traditional treats and much more.

4. The River Cafe, NewYork

Coming straight from your dreams, The River Café in New York not only caters to breathtaking views but also offers a distinctly upmarket vibe and praise-worthy food. Don’t believe us? Visit it once and thank us later for the memorable experience to cherish for a lifetime.

5. Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania

Situated at one end of the crater, this mind blowing restaurant offers a picturesque dining experience. Catering to the striking Tanzanian views and tradition African treats, this is the kind of experience you’ve been reading in books since your childhood. P.S. Carry a pair of binoculars to catch a glimpse of the world-renowned Tanzanian wildlife in the nearby reserves.

6. Skyline Restaurant, New Zealand

Regarded as New Zealand’s adventure capital, Queenstown draws adventure-junkies from all across the world. From bungee jumping to sky diving to river rafting, extreme adventure sports are the essence of this place. And, where there are crazy sports, there has to be crazy hunger too! Nestled atop the extreme sports center, the Skyline Restaurant caters to breath-taking views of Queenstown’s beautiful landscape. When adventure sports met food – wow! Epic combination.

7. The Samaya Villas, Bali

A place that conjures images of stunningly beautiful sunsets, sugar-white beaches, and iconic temples, Bali also paves the way for a dreamy dinner on its sandy coast. Here’s Samaya Villas, the restaurant offering wide-ranging global cuisines in the backdrop of a breathtaking sun and a crystal clear sea. Now, kill the hunger by treating yourself in style at one of Bali’s most spectacular restaurants. Could it get any fancier than this?

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