These Are The 7 Most Treacherous And Dangerous Roads In The World.

The world is full of wonderful things. While human beings have been moving around the world from primitive times, there are many roads that are scary, dangerous and you’re your adrenaline rush on the go.  So, let’s explore some of the most dangerous roads of the world:

1. Tianmen Mountain Road, China

Featuring a wagon load of serpentine turns along the way, Tianmen Mountain road will take you from the point of 200 meters ASL to 1300 meters ASL. Nestled across the Tianmen Mountain National Park of Hunan province of china, this eleven kilometer road has 99 turns that will test the driving skills of any driver.


2. Gotthard Pass, Switzerland      

Saint Gotthard Pass is one of the highest passes in Alps that connect northern and southern parts of Switzerland. Situated at an awe-inspiring height of 2106 meters above the sea level, the pass is located between the Italian speaking Airolo in canton to Ticino and German speaking Andermatt in canton of Uri. What makes it even more difficult to travel are the wet conditions and darkness, as it narrows downwards but widens up at the top.

3. Zozila, India

Zozila pass is the central pass between Srinagar the capital of Kashmir and Leh the main city of Ladakh region of India. The road passes through the Himalayan region that faces heavy snowfall during the winters, which is the main reason why this highway makes one of the most difficult roads to travel in the winter season. What’s more? Road being narrow with gorge on one side make it one of the most difficult motorable roads in the world. The pass is located at the height of around 3528 meters above the seal level and demands the high level driving skills to pass through it.

4. Dalton Highway, Alaska

A staggering long highway measuring 666 kilometers, it only connects three villages which is something hard to believe! But that’s absolutely true about this quiet and isolated highway that has the distinction of being world’s heaviest snowfall facing highway. It is also most secluded one. Mostly featuring 18 wheeler trucks, the road is prone to avalanche round the year.

5. Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

While it cannot be regarded as a road in its true sense, Eshima Oshashi is a dangerous bridge which is not simple at all. Measuring 1.7 kilometers long, the bridge connects Matsue and Skaiminato. While the bridge might seem un-mountable and un-scalable just like a Himalayan peak, it features magnificent elevation facilitates that aid the passage of even large ships.

6. Yungas Road, Bolivia

Yungas Road has a distinction of being the most accident-prone roads of the world. As per an estimate nearly 200 to 300 people lost their lives on this road. Moreover, the inter-American Development Bank also termed this road as the “world’s most dangerous road”.  The locals call it ‘El Camino de la Muerte’ (the Death Road) that covers a distance of 63 kilometers between La Paz and Coroico.

Drivers follow different rules here and move on left contrarary to right in Bolivia. It is for better view of the road edge. Descending vehicles give way to upcoming vehicles to negotiate the passing. Rain, landslides and fog make the driving even more difficult.

 7. Guoliang Tunnel, China

A small secluded and isolated village named Guoliang was sitting on a mountain cliff with no easy access to rest of the world. Chinese government did not think it worth spending huge amount to build a road for a mere 300 people. The only hope for villagers was their own will. And they made it possible by cutting a tunnel through the rocky cliff and made their way back to the world. The road is now a tunnel that has some open parts and some windows that were used to dump rubble down the cliff. It was a big hit with visitors when the Chinese opened its doors for tourists. It has rightly been called “the road that does not tolerate mistakes.”

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