The World’s 8 Most Staggeringly Beautiful Beaches

No matter if you are looking to surf, swim or enjoy the vistas, your perfect beach is waiting for you with open arms. From the lush blue waters of the Aitutaki Lagoon to the Reynisfjara’s strikingly black sand, these are the top 8 beaches that deserve a place in your bucket list for 2018.


1. Siesta Beach, Florida

Eminently known for its exceptionally soft, sugar-white, quartz-fine sand, Siesta Beach tops our list of the world’s best beaches to visit in 2018. Other than its sandy beaches, it is known for its shallow waters, a rejuvenating playground and unmatched access to lime s,

2. Grace Bay, Turks

Regarded as the planet’s second best traveller’s choice beach, Grace Bay is insanely popular amongst the beach bummers. Thanks to its deep blue waters, sugary white sand and lavish palm, people are left awe-struck to arrive at this tropical paradise.

3. The Ocean Cay Reserve, The Bahamas

Formerly a humdrum industrial site, the reserve is witness to a humongous transformation into a private island and a marine reserve that features some of the best bars, beaches, restaurants, and spas to bid a memorable time to its visitors.

4. Kapalua Bay Beach, Hawaii

Any beach list will be incomplete without a mention of Hawaii’s gorgeous beaches. A tiny, crescent-shaped beach marked by the rocky headlands, it was formed by the lava flows. With the rocky headlands encompassing both the sides, the Kapalu bay beach imparts an amazing private feel. What’s more? It crystal clear azure waters make a snorkeling paradise.

5. El Nido’s Beach, Philippines

Regarded as one of the most beautiful islands of the world, Palawan caters to a number of marvelous gems, one of which is the iconic El Nido Beach. Bagging the top spot for the best beach in the survey conducted by Travel + Leisure in 2017, El nido caters to everything from blue lagoons to histrionic limestone formations to spectacular waterfalls to rare marble cliffs.

6. Gordon beach, Israel

Considered to be one of the most ultra-modern beaches in the contemporary world; the Gordon beach houses vibrant parties all year round. Other than catering to a festive vibe, the beach is loaded with the goodness of seaside restaurants to a gymnasium to keep you fit on your vacation. And do not miss a game of beach volleyball or matkot. So, if you like your dream beach to be hip, happening then Gordon is your heaven on earth.

7. Play Del Amor, Mexico

Do you want to spend some me-time on a beach? Do you want to take the off-beat track and enjoy the serenity of nature? Then Play Del Amor is definitely for you. Nestled inside a cave, the beach requires you to swim past a tunnel to access it. While its origin still remains a mystery, it is believed to be the by-product of the military bomb testing.

8. Aitutaki Lagoon, Cook Islands

Witness to the clearest and the most transparent waters, Aitutaki Lagoon is one of its kind, making it a must visit destination for beach lovers. While Snorkeling-buffs are guaranteed to enjoy the region’s marine treasures, beginners could take the snorkeling lessons and head on to an experience of a lifetime.

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