The 8 Most Enchanting and Breathtaking Views On Planet Earth.

There are regular tourist attractions and then there are awe-inspiringly spectacular views that take you to another dreamlike world altogether. The panoramic vistas are so striking; one cannot help but gaze at the beauty of the nature with one’s jaws dropped. From Hong Kong’s swanky peaks to Scottish highlands to Greece’s ‘straight out of a dream’ caves, these scenes are nothing else but visual treat for the travelers. Here we present a list of the world’s most spectacular views that will leave you mesmerized with their beauty.

1. Corcovado Mountain, Brazil

Featuring the world-renowned statue of ‘Christ the redeemer’, Corcovado Mountain caters to extraordinary views of Rio from the top of the mountain. What’s more? There are awe-inspiring, sweeping views of Sugarloaf Mountain in the neighbourhood.


2. Bridge over the Dachstein Glacier, Austria

Regarded as the world’ highest bridge, this bridge finds itself nestled above the Dachstein Galcier. This not only assures you the stunning vistas of the glacier but also caters to the magnificent views of the surrounding glacier as well as the thrilling beach.

3. Cambrian Hotel, Swiss Alps

Uber-luxurious and gorgeous, the Cambrian Hotel showcases some exquisite Swiss Alp views. Master-crafted at the edge of the hotel’s landscape, this infinity pool caters to the breathtaking vistas of eminently known Central European landscape. Serving all the right ingredients for a romantic vacation, this view features Lush green mountains softly kissing plush fields and sprawling grasslands.

4. Fjallabaksleid, Iceland

While its pronunciation may twist and tangle your tongue, this picturesque wonder will not disappoint you with its jaw-dropping scenery. The route is amazingly striking and caters to a memorable journey through the country’s dreamlike mountains and the Myrdalsjokull’s glacier nestled in the north. P.S. This astounding glacier is a result of natural geological activity which took place thousands of years ago.

5. The Cliffs of Dover, England

Evident from Kent’s ‘straight out of dream’ coast, the Cliffs of Dover are known worldwide for their much-hyped sugar-white chalk cliffs. Once used as a visual sight to indicate the arrival of the English coast, today, the landscape offers spectacular views of the coast and makes one of the most photogenic scenes on the planet.

6. The Twelve Apostles, Australia

A marvelous line-up of limestone cliffs that are seen to come through the ocean right off the coast, this scenic wonder is an effect of the ocean’s movements and geological activity spanning hundreds of thousand years ago.

7. The Troll’s Tongue, Norway

We are you have seen this marvel in several travel pictures before. Suspended 350 meters overlooking the lake, the Troll’s tongue is a perfect venue to stimulate an adrenaline rush.

8. The Moon Bridge, Taiwan

One of the primary attractions for the tourists traveling to Taipei’s Dahu Park, the Moon Bridge is sparklingly lit-up in the evening. Paving the way for an awe-inspiringly beautiful landscape that seems straight out of a dream, the bridge creates an illusion of the dazzling mirrors.

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