Terror: Zookeeper Eaten By Tiger He Raised As A Cub While Children Watch.


It’s always a sad thing seeing majestic animals kept in tiny zoo cages rather than roaming free in their natural habitat.


What some people describe as an inherently cruel practice, others support saying that due to being bred in captivity, the animals would struggle to survive in the wild thus ensuring the vicious cycle goes on to any offspring the animal may have.


There is a long history of captive animals turning on their trainers after years of amicable relations. In 2010, Tilikum the killer whale attacked his trainer after she fell into his pool. There have been no reported incidents of killer whales attacking humans in the wild. This causes animal rights advocates to suggest that captivity is the root cause of such attacks.

The below video comes from China. Where a zookeeper was attacked and killed by a tiger in Fuzhou City. By all reports, the keeper had helped raise the tiger since it was a cub and the tiger was described as ‘usually quite docile’. Having attacked and killed the keeper, the below video shows the tiger standing over the lifeless body.


Other footage released by the zoo show shows the tiger clawing at the body. The footage was taken from a gallery of startled onlookers who screamed for help and to distract the tiger from its once-friend, now-prey. Other zookeepers use sticks in an attempt to shoo the tiger away. They eventually succeed, but it is way too late -the damage is done.


In a statement, Fuzhou Zoo said that the tiger was an ex-circus performer in eastern China’s Anhui Province. The shows had been apparently been stopped some time before the accident occurred. The keeper, identified only as ‘Mr Wu’ was pronounced dead at the horrific scene minutes later when emergency services arrived. Many critics of the ban have pointed out that these animals are usually bred in captivity would struggle to survive in the wild while advocates assert that keeping intelligent animals behind bars is by nature, a cruel practice.

View the footage for yourself on the player below.

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