Video | Cappadocia Balloon Festival Is The Most Incredible Thing on Earth

Cappadocia is not only a city but also a region formed by volcanic eruptions that paved the way for a big table land. Over the period of time, wind, snow and the river Kizilirmak eroded some parts to shape this mystic land with chimney like rock structures. First Christians, who settled here, lived in these amazing chimney shaped shelters in the rock. In fact, they settled here to escape the soldiers of the Roman Empire, and therefore made underground gates that no one could observe.


Today, many years later, People still live in these amazing chimney shaped shelters within rocks. Snow covers these beautiful landscapes, converting this land into a fairytale saga. Moreover, modernism has crept in with electricity that imparts it a sparkling look. Each time of the day, sunset or night is a different time with different visual impact of the city, as lights in these chimney houses imparts it an intensive mysticism.

Another major attraction of the area is the balloon flights that are simply spectacular. With flying being an age-old dream of the mankind, one could simply take a hot air balloon and gaze the scenic beauty of the region. Or you could also choose to sightsee the colorful sky filled with host of vibrant balloons hovering over these early Christian settlements. We are sure that you will require some time to soak in the beauty of the region as you may feel like staying for a longer time.

Other places of interest are Goreme open air museum, Ihlara valley, Urgup, and last yet not the least, the Avanos Derinkuyu underground city which seemingly feels like you are altogether in a different world on this planet.

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