Karma: Idiot Attempts To Kill An Ant-Eater With His Bare Hands.



Some people should just not be allowed near wild animals. Something snaps in their brain when they see a creature going about its business, just chilling and being at peace in their environment. Who knows why, but these folks just have an inner calling to go and mess up the animal’s day, and sometimes that can result in the animal biting back. Hell, I wouldn’t want someone grabbing me by the tail and swinging me around while I was just walking around in a field.



In the video you’re about to see, there’s one such bumpkin who tries to mess with an ant-eater that he’s found, and the results aren’t exactly pretty. No sir, it may be best for those with a weak stomach to turn back now, because the damage inflicted on this idiot’s leg, while well deserved, is pretty gnarly. While you’d think anteaters only eat ants, they also gnaw on chunks of human flesh when threatened, and rightfully so.



Grabbing the anteater by the tail and poking it on the nose with his other hand, this genius laughs as it rolls around trying to escape his grasp. It looks like he’s trying to stroke along the back of its head when the anteater wraps up around his leg, like Rory MacDonald from the UFC trying to secure an imanari roll heel hook.


If you know anything about anteaters, it’s that they’re like honey badgers- they don’t give a F*CK. They’re badass creatures that will happily strike back at you if you get in their way, and the one in this video is no exception. Screams of agony and fear end the video, and the follow-up images of the damage inflicted by the anteater are something to behold.


You’ve got to wonder if the anteater finally taught this fella to leave wild animals alone, otherwise, he’ll probably go on to try and pick up a lion one day and end up as a big cat’s lunch. Check out the video of the anteater fighting back below and let us know what you think.

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