Here’s what a $1 Million Dollar House looks like in America’s major cities

Planning to buy a home? The money you spend in New York will buy you a home a lot different from what you will get in Los Angeles. Either way, the prices of the houses are growing faster than ever before.


Here’s a quick look at how does a million dollar house looks like 9-cities across the US:

1: Atlanta

Listing price: $999,000

Square feet: 6,854

Price per square foot: $146

For just $1000 short of $1 million, you could purchase this seven-bedroom home which spreads across 4,203-square-foot area in Peachtree Park. The house comes loaded with the goodness of an-in law suit, three fireplaces, a sprawling backyard, and more.

2: Boston

Listing price: $1,050,000

Square feet: 1,285

Price per square foot: $817

While Boston offers just a quarter of the area that you will get in Atlanta, the house makes up for it with two compact bedrooms, two-bathrooms, in addition to an open kitchen complimented by granite counters and oak floors. What’s more? A magnificent view of the city.

3: Chicago

Listing price: $1,000,000

Square feet: 2,300

Price per square foot: $435

For an astounding $1,000,000, you could live in this 23,00 square feet condo unit. Moreover, you get the luxury of an enormous terrace which caters the most-breath taking view of the city.


4: Dallas

In Dallas, $999,000 would buy you a home catering the luxury of 3 bedrooms, a grand staircase and French doors which open up into a roofed veranda that overlooks a backyard with a swimming pool.

Listing price: $999,000

Square feet: 3,469

Price per square foot: $288

5: Minneapolis

Listing price: $1,000,000

Square feet: 2,060

Price per square foot: $485

This $1 million Condo in Minneapolis features 1 bed, 1.5 beds, a large balcony, a warm fireplace, and a handsome storage.

6: New York City

State-of-the art condo with 1 bed and bath, this house in the New York City features an exquisite design with 12-ft ceilings. What’s more? A rooftop terrace and the added luxury of a fitness room.

Listing price: $995,000

Square feet: 822

Price per square foot: $1,210

7: Los Angeles

This contemporary $1 million townhouse in LA is professionally designed with luxe finishing and an airy rooftop. A 3 bedroom house, it was built in 2014 and ready to be embraced by its new owner.

Listing price: $999,000

Square feet: 1,407

Price per square foot: $710

8: Houston

Encompassed within a 1500sq feet area, this custom built house is loaded with high-tech technology such as security cameras, structurally insulated panels; surround sound speakers and much more.

Listing price: $995,000

Square feet: 4,424

Price per square foot: $225

9: Philadelphia

If you’re planning to live in center city, then this nearly million dollar house is just made for you. Situated in the serenity of a quiet street, this beautiful brownstone apartment is complimented with ultramodern amenities; making it a great place to live with your family.

Listing price: $1,100,000

Square feet: 2,400

Price per square foot: $458

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