9 Bars with the most Spectacular Views on the planet.

In an exhilarating combination of two of our favorite activities, The Voyager Channel has created a list of the world’s most spectacular bars to enjoy your favorite cocktail.

1. Three Sixty, St. Louis, Missouri

With panoramic views of St. Louis, Three sixty rooftop bar towers over the world-renowned Busch Stadium, and is every sports buff’s dream come true. One of its kinds, this bar offers a glorious opportunity to watch the Cardinals in action, while catching sweeping views in all directions and enjoying your favorite hard drink from atop.


2. Ozone, Hongkong

Regarded as the ‘highest bar in the world’, Ozone is located at the Ritz Carlton on level 118. Catering to astoundingly beautiful views of downtown Hong Kong, this cosmopolitan nightspot also makes a magnificent sunset point. What’s more? Catch the breath-taking reflection of the city’s high-rise towers in the water at sundown.

3. The Galaxy Bar and Restaurant, Athens, Greece

Enjoy stunning views of Syntagma Square and the famous Olympic stadium from the Galaxy Bar and Restaurant. Furthermore, the bar also offers jaw-dropping views of the ancient Acropolis under the magnificent canopy of stars.

4. Blue Bar, Sydney, Australia

Offering as many as 36 striking views, the blue bar finds itself sitting atop the hotel Shangri-La. While the views are no doubt crazy, so are the prices. For instance, a martini costs around $10,000.

5. Sky Bar, Bankok, Thailand

Adding another start to the Bangkok’s fabulous nightlife, this dot gorgeous bar sits atop the 63rd floor of Lebua Hotel. Loaded with the goodness of USP, this LED-decorated bar dazzles in different colors in addition to offering breath-taking views of Bangkok’s night sky.

6. Top Mountain Star, Hochgurgl, Austria

Situated in the middle of the mountains, this bar sits atop the Hochgurgl ski resort (9,800 feet above the ground) in the exhilaratingly striking Austrian Alps. It’s truly captivating to enjoy your favorite drink while viewing more than 20 Alpine peak s in the vicinity.

7. The Ides Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn, New York

Catering to an unparalleled view of the Manhattan’s beautiful skyline, The Ides will leave you hypnotized of its beauty.

8. New York Bar, Tokyo

Master-crafted on Park Hyatt’s 52nd floor, this bar showcases humongous French windows that cater to splendid views of Tokyo’s captivating skyline. Oh yes, could you recall this bar been highlighted in the movie, “Lost in Translation.”

9. 360, Istanbul, Turkey

Again, it’s the French windows that steal the show by making this glass-studded bar look appealing to both the locals as well as the tourists. We bet, there’s no other bar that will cater to you the stunning views sweeping across two continents, from the Bosphorus and going right up to the Sea of Marmara.

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