Video: World’s 1st Forest City In China Is Straight Out Of A Sci-Fi Movie

As China, the dragon country is progressing in leaps and bounds; it is rumored of creating the world’s first ‘forest city’ to fight pollution. Presently under construction in Liuzhou in Guangxi Province of China, the forest city is master-designed by a team of green developers called Sterfano Boeri Architetti. Moreover, the futuristic city is believed to house a community of 30,000 self-reliant people.

Fostering greenery as the primary inhabitant, the forest city is all set to feature one million plants, including 40000 trees belonging to 100 different species. The city will not only be loaded with ultra-modern facilities to absorb 57 tons of carbon-dioxide but also produce oxygen worth 900 tons annually.


What’s more? The city will be well equipped to reduce the average air temperature of the surroundings by few degrees. Enriched with the generosity of dense forest cover, the city’s air quality will be top-notch, which will encourage the bio diversity of the area.

Self-sufficient to cater to its needs, the city will run on renewable energy sources, as geothermal and solar energy would be the main source to fulfill the energy demand of the city.  Moreover, it is set to house various residential areas beside the recreational facilities, a hospital and two schools. With the advancement in science and technology, we shall more often find new viable and eco-friendly cities promoting harmony with nature.


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