VIDEO: There’s A New “King Of The Jungle”


The scavenger was seen carrying the head of its prey, a lion who was bruised and battered after a wild battle with another lion.


The Hyena swept in on the already damaged lion and took him by the throat, and kept going until the head came clean off.


Retired IT teacher Verna Poorbaugh captured the grisly scene on safari in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia.

Verna, from San Diego in California, said: “We were on a safari drive when I happened to catch some movement in the bushes. I asked our driver Peter to stop, he stopped, backed up, and waited so that we could see what was happening. Out of the bushes came a hyena, and to our surprise it was carrying a lion’s head and heading directly towards us. He came right up to us, stopped, turned around and headed off into the bushes.”

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