Video: Can you finish the Biggest Pizza in Texas State?

Does an eatable’s size really matter? While it mostly depends upon the individual’s choice, one cannot deny the thrill induced by a large pizza when it is placed in front of you. Embrace yourself! Here we present to you Big Lou’s Pizza in San Antonio, catering to a pizza worth 42 inches. Yes, that’s really big; a pizza of 42 inches diameter comes to be around 3.5 feet. That’s really mouth watering.

While this delicious 42-incher weighs around 27 pounds, it measures roughly 21 inches when cut into slices. Making their own dough and sauces every day, the pizza-joint caters to all freshly prepared ingredients. Ultimately, cheese is grated fresh to make all the stuff mouth watering.


Available for dine-in only, the 42-incher is the second largest pizza in Taxas. Just imagine what the size of the largest pizza would be then. Astoundingly, Big Lou’s largest pizza measures 62 inches in diameter, rounding off to nearly 5.2 feet.  While the 42-inch is prepared in the shop as you wait, the giant 62 incher involves a twist as it needs to be ordered well in advance. Or if you are interested in take-away, then you can order a 37-inch pizza but be sure that it fits in your vehicle.

So what was the secret for the popularity of Big Lou’s big pizzas? Well, the size does matter and the big size was the popularity driver for this institution. Its pizzas have been featured on many Top 10 biggest pizzas in America.  It adopted a competition strategy to popularize the pizzas. Big Lou explains this business strategy in the best way, “it was a marketing scheme that backfired in a good way”. And we agree.

Eating their 42-incher or 62-incher along is next to impossible. But whenever you have large family gathering or friends together can attack any of these two like a mission. And achieving mission success is surely going to be a memorable affair.

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