Video: 8 Incredible Stops On The Ultimate California Road Trip.

Your trip to California would be incomplete if you miss on a road trip through the Pacific Coast Highway. Stretching along the California coast, the Highway 1 meanders through the scenic states of Oregon and Washington. So, tighten your seatbelts Voyagers. We are enroute to one of the world’s most spectacular gateways: The Ultimate California Coast:

Destination 1: Los Angeles

No matter where you start your road trip from, you might want to dodge LA’s burgeoning traffic during the rush hours and get through the city ASAP! Nevertheless, if you still want to meander through the city, you could chill out at the rejuvenating beaches at Santa Monica and Venice.


Destination 2: Santa Barbara

Synonymous to the Riviera, Santa Barbara caters to the classic Spanish colonial buildings and state-of- the-art boutiques resting against the iconic Santa Ynez Mountains. Stroll or window shop at the historical State Street which is enriched with the goodness of up-beat boutiques, bars and cafés. Last but not the least; treat yourself to the mouthwatering food at the Seven Bar & Kitchen, a unique roadside bar.

Destination 3: Solvang

Known for its Danish style architecture and a wide range of wineries, this village smells like Christmas all year round. With the fresh goods served in the morning and twinkling lights elating the aura in the evening, all of the downtown offers a Faux-Danish vibe. P.S. Do not forget to grab the freshest pastries at the Mortensen's Danish Bakery.

Destination 4: Pismo Beach

Welcome to the Pismo Beach, which is widely regarded as the ‘Calm Capital of the World’. Once home to a plethora of Pismo clams, this beach still features the rich clamming heritage thanks to the Humongous Calm Statue and the annual Clam Festival.

Destination 5: San Luis, Ibispo

Diverse, Dreamy and en Vogue, San Luis Obispo makes a great destination for a pleasant night’s stay. Check in at Madonna Inn, a spectacular resort loaded with the goodness of magical exterior and ultra-modern amenities.

Destination 6: Morro Bay

One of the most rejuvenating natural landmarks in the US, Morro Bay’s picturesque seaside and striking beaches showcase perennial activities such as boating, surfing, kayaking, hiking, golfing and much more. What’s more? It also features a number of dining delights, budget accommodations and cute shops. P.S. Do not forget to mark your attendance at the saltwater taffy!

Destination 7: Big Sur

Embrace yourself! We’ve reached Big Sur, approximately 85 miles away from the beautiful Pacific Ocean scenery. Providing a striking background for your next instagram selfie, the coast is adjacent to the iconic landmarks such as Bixby Bridge. And if you happen to be an avid reader, then you shouldn’t miss the Henry Miller Memorial Library, a “book store, arts center, and the town hall” commemorating the literary legend Henry Miller.

Destination 8: Carmel By The Sea

A small beach city which is eminently known for its picturesque beach, fairytale cottages, and iconic galleries- this story book town is an art lover’s paradise. What’s more? Visit the 17-Mile Drive, a magnificent road meandering through the golf courses, rock-formations, cypress trees, and a number of breathtaking landmarks. Moreover, the ocean’s view is exceptionally photogenic— hit the coast at the strike of the evening and unveil an awe-inspiring sunset.

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