Top 6 Travel Destinations Where The Dollar Will Let You Live Like A King.


Are you a travel buff? Does wander lust flow deep within your blood? Let us escort you to few of the world’s best budget places which are not only easy on your pocket but also bid you a memorable outing this year. So, fasten your seatbelts, the Voyager Channel’s all-exclusive list of the best budget travel destinations is about to be unveiled:

1. Estonia

A hidden gem which is yet to shine in the tourism world, Estonia looks no less than a fairytale destination. With its striking coastline, iconic castles and upbeat palaces, the country is en route to be the latest sensation in the tourism sphere in the coming years. While this might lead to price hike later, this is just the perfect time to unveil this beautifulnation. P.S. One could enjoy a pleasant sleep at a budget hotel which costs lesser than $40 (night), whereas a day’s meal will set you back by nearly $10.


2. Argentina

A multidimensional, vivacious and thrilling tourist destination, Argentina caters to just about any traveler. From affordable food to attractive natural wonders, the country is the backpacker’s ultimate paradise. With a lucrative exchange rate and recent lifting of VAT on the hotels, Argentina offers a plethora of memorable experiences, while providing a complete value for your money. P.S. Wine and steak is quite economic here. Happy Boozing!


3. Albania

While visitors flock towards the neighboring countries of Italy and Greece, Albania is worthy of one chance for its breathtaking castles and coastlines. Come visit the country and unveil the beauty of the Albanian Alps yourself. A near-perfect destination for those who’re looking for a budget vacation, Albania befriends your pocket from accommodation to food to public transport. While 3-star hotels could be availed below $18/night, a king-size meal would set you back by merely $5-10.

4. Malaysia

A first-choice alternative to the much-hyped Thailand, Malaysia showcases a marvelous array of flea markets and street food. What’s more? It is amazingly affordable too. While a three-star accommodation in Kuala Lumpur will bid you a good night’s sleep at $15. Three meals will hardly hurt your pocket at $10.

5. Nepal

A nature lover’s paradise and a thrill-seekers respite, Nepal is a budget-traveller’s dream manifested. Housing a number of affordable hotels (as low as $10 per night), you could satisfy your taste buds between $8-10 for three meals a day, which is an excellent value for money. With a plethora of treks, breathtaking landscapes and iconic temples, Nepal is perfect for the broke traveller who’s seeking an economic break from the monotony of life.

6. Portugal

With a plethora of urban day trips on the shelf, Porto is one amazingly cheap European hotspot. A number of budget airlines such as Easyjet and Ryanair cater to budget flights to Portugal from the US. Thanks to the country’s convenient public transport, one could easily explore its fascinating old town, splendid salt pans, magnificent island lagoon and much more.

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