This Is How You Can Travel The World For Ten Dollars A Day

While traveling could be an expensive expedition in this day and time, there are number of incredible ways to get the best bang from your travel dollar. Here are 10 ways to travel the world under $10 a day:
  1. House/Pet Sitting a day, Keeps the budget healthy and gay

The concept is quite simple: You take care of someone’s house or a pet while they are away from home. The tasks include- Feeding their pets, watering their plants, or anything requested they request. While they are assured their house isn’t going to shambles, you get the luxury to stay without having to pay. Some of the best websites are:, and

  1. Voluntourism: Volunteer + Tourism

How about teaching while you are away, in exchange for a free accommodation and board? That’s voluntourism for the budget-traveler. A very popular hack in the travel community, it includes teaching the locals to speak Basic English or help in building houses and schools for the poor section of the community- and in return, your stay is taken care of.

Some good voluntourism sites are:, and

  1. Take up a Salaried Job Overseas

While taking up an office job isn’t an agenda on a trip, one could still take up a lot of salaried jobs where travel is a part of the agenda. How about working on a cruise ship, assisting the tourists as a guide, or even teaching fitness exercises like Yoga. Fitbodiesinc is one handy website that hooks you up with the right jobs while you are traveling.

  1. Work as a Freelancer – While Traveling

The rise of freelancing jobs has paved the way for “location-independent” workers — who could work from anywhere in the world. Subsequently, more and more people prefer to travel and work at the same time.

  1. Crowdfunding your dream vacation

A revolutionary initiative by Kickstarter, crowdfunding is basically when you persuade others to pay for something that you want. But little did you know that you could also crowdfund the whole of your trips, not just palpable things? Check out Indiegogo, Trevolta, GoFundMe, FundAnything and YouCaring.

Pro Tip: The key to a successful crowdfunding campaign lies in making your story as relatable and inspirational as possible.

  1. Or Fund your trip via AirBnB

A tried and tested way for finding a sweet place to stay on your trip, Airbnb could also work wonders to fund your travel in the first place. So, if you’re going away, do not forget to update your apartment on Airbnb list. This way, you could earn back the money you are spending on your accommodations on the vacation.

Pro tip: Prefer staying at places abroad that are cheaper than the space at your home, like India or Thailand, so you could easily make money on the financial difference.

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