This 23 Year Old Cancer Survivor travels the world for under $300 per trip


While this happens to be one of those ‘show you how they did it’ stories, it’s also a story that inspires us to fulfill our dreams no matter what. Elona Karafin, 23, was diagnosed with bone cancer when she was just 10 years old. After receiving treatment for nearly 2 years in hospital, today, she has successfully recovered from the disease and happy to report that she’s cent percent healthy.


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She says, “Being a cancer survivor is deep engraved into her psyche but she never wanted this to stop her from doing what she truly loved”. Having learned from her struggle, she adds, “I don’t want any of us to waste our youth just because we might we don’t have enough money or time.”


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Always on the Go, Karafin would travel to some the world’s most exotic destinations every few weekends that lasts nearly three days. And what makes her trips so special is her budget friendly approach, as she wraps most of her trips under $1000: that includes accommodation, airfare, shopping and much more.

When she’s not travelling the world, she could often be spotted meandering around the state for the weekend break. In fact, she keeps detailed analysis of her experiences in different corners of the world, how she travelled on budget- which could all be found on ‘Elona the explorer’, which is her personal blog.

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Her ultimate goal is to show the world that it is all about priorities, as she asserts that even the most preoccupied people could enjoy a weekend trip by scheduling everything in advance and they could accomplish their bucket list sooner than they expected. And this doesn’t even imply that one has to spend a huge fortune of money. Her mantra: “Saving and managing your money well” is the key to a short trip, as she herself works as a financial analyst in an e-commerce company. `

Source: Elona The Explorer

Here are few of the pro-tips from her that might help you go on your dream destinations on budget:

  • Always reserve your flight on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.
  • Before checking out any travel sites, do not forget to turn off your cookies to prevent any hiked prices.
  • When checking your possible options to explore a location, remember to turn off any specifics when filtering for location.
  • Define a specific budget in advance. This budget must include your air fare, hotels and accommodation, and a beforehand research to see if there are any discounts available.

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