The Disturbing Link Between Black Coffee Drinkers And Psychopaths.


Have you ever been on a coffee date with someone who chose black coffee over the typical easygoing caffeinated latte? If the recent study is to be believed, then you might want to grab your latte ASAP and run. Apparently, you were just on the verge of dating a psychopath.


The University of Innsbruck conducted an all new study that found: People, who liked back coffee over the regular, are often diagnosed with psychopathic or sadistic tendencies.The study surveyed nearly 1,000 adults about their preferred choice and color of coffee. Moreover, they also assessed them on the basis of different personality tests. The idea was to gauge machiavellian traits such as psychopathy, narcissism, aggression and sadism.


In fact, Researchers came across a trend that indicated a clear relationship between the preferences for black coffee, and psychopathic personality traits. They also found out that people who liked sugary, milky or any other sweet flavors were inclined towards more agreeable characteristics such as cooperation, sympathy, and kindness.

However, the closest relationship that the researchers managed to derive was between bitter foods like tonic water and radishes, and “day to day sadism.” In fact, the researcher went an extra mile to suggest that these associations between your taste preference and psychopathic tendencies could only grow chronic or worse with time.

And if you happen to love bitter-food, then there’s a reason to not worry. Researchers also made it clear that ‘bitter’ was an exceptionally subjective term, limiting the results of their study. Moreover, they are also not sure what cause the association between bitter flavors and dislikable personality traits.

Another important fact to note down is that the black coffee enthusiasts are more conscious about their health even if they are not aware of it. So, when you are on your next coffee date, keep in your mind that not all people who like black coffee are psychopaths or vice versa.

P.S. The bottom line is you can skip the coffee part and go for a dinner instead.

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