Terrified Passengers Scream For Their Lives As A 2,500 Pound Bull Attacks

Bulls are absolutely magnificent beasts. As herd animals, they are rarely aggressive if left to their own devices, but in isolation, they can become a bit antsy and easily provoked. This is where matadors and trainers for rodeos thrive. Taunting and winding the bulls up on a regular basis as well as depriving them of sexual output makes them all the more aggressive and formidable.


So when, in Spain, bull running events are held, the bulls are at fever pitch, wanting to kill, maim, or bang anyone or anything in sight! But the below video is just insane, as bull diverts its attention from the running crowd, instead focusing its sights on an innocuous four-wheel drive. The clip opens with the bull skidding around a tight corner.


The cowardly crowd is about fifty meters ahead by now and bull doesn’t really look like catching them. Perhaps that is the reason why the bull chooses some lower-hanging fruit. He spots the green four-wheel drive parked at the front of a bank of cars whilst the occupants watch the festivities pass them by in total safety.


Or so they think. As the bull wheels around he spies the car and lines it up. Now we knew bulls were powerful – but powerful to lift the front of a car? That’s where the engine is! The bull digs in his horns, puncturing the front tire and the car rears up, scaring the absolute crap out of the occupants. But the bull isn’t done.


Thoroughly convinced he can beat the car, he goes in again, rupturing the car’s windscreen washer fluid reservoir. The car shakes and shudders, but finally, the bull gives up and continues his pursuit of the crowd. The driver was left with a hefty damage bill to fix the car, but what an experience!

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