Scientists Are Baffled By A Giant Dinosaur Like Creature In Indonesia.

The oceans of the earth remain the most unexplored territories to humans, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing there – as we all know too well now. There are so many creatures we still have yet to discover, so the fact that something extremely large washed up on the shores of Indonesia isn’t all too surprising to me. There is so much marine life we didn’t even know could exist – take the light oscillating deiopea comb jelly for example! There’s not much truly known about it’s species, and yet it’s one of the most fascinating creatures we’ve got. I mean, name one other animal that looks like some type of LED strobe light for your room. You probably can’t, because creatures like this are that rare.


So, in comparison to that cute little guy; an absolute monster washed up to an unsuspecting town with unassuming people in Indonesia, so it’s only natural they had no idea what was going on. Initially they thought this thing was a boat because it was so big – it measured in at roughly 50 feet long (15 Meters, give or take). Well, it was dead when they saw it, to be fair. Once they realized it was something that had once been alive they began throwing out theories, of which some people assumed it had to be a giant squid or some type of whale, and they were fairly close to the mark with the latter.

According to Rob Deaville from the UK Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme with the Zoological Society of London, the creature is actually the carcass of a baleen whale. He ruled out the thing being a squid fairly quickly as you can see what appears to be the backbone on the animal, and squids don’t have those. So he kept looking and noticed, as he puts it, “throat pleats, adjacent to what may be a pectoral fin.”

Whether or not this is an accurate assumption isn’t known, but the one thing that is for certain is that whale got completely screwed. Here’s a fun fact, when a whale dies they tend to fall onto the ocean floor, where all the little creatures around gather around to feast on the dead flesh! Well, not this time…

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