Poacher killed and devoured by a Pride of Lions after he killed their Cub


Ingwelala Private Nature Reserve in South Africa was shaken with the screams of a man who was attacked and killed by Pride of Lion in private game reserve near the Kruger National Park. Before the lions were dispersed with the help of gun-shots, they had eaten most of the body barring the head that was untouched.

Police initially thought that the victim was a tractor driver who worked in this private reserve. Bu later on when the driver appeared alive the suspicion began to grow. A hunting rifle was recovered near the remains of the dead that almost confirmed it to be a poacher who had sneaked into the private reserve.

The man was killed viciously and the incidence had been very disturbing and terrifying. Nevertheless, sympathy does not stand with the victim who had been hunting in the private reserve. And when someone like him transgresses the limits and enters the domain of loins with intention of harming them, the king of the jungle never forgets its animal instincts for survival. The encounter then is a fair game, loins with their power and a poacher with his gun met his chosen fate.

There are only 30000 loins left on the planet including 20000 in African Wild life areas. Large numbers of them are kept in captivity for entertainment. It is essential for the mankind to co-exist with them and protect them to survive so that future generations don’t just see them on papers like we look at dinosaurs.

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          1. Anonymous; Re: Your / You’re; Actually, jberg55 DID spell and use “your” correctly. YOU are the one that needs the spelling and grammar lesson. So, next time, unless you’re absolutely sure about what you are going to comment in front of all the world, be sure that you are not making a gigantic asshole of yourself. ☺

          2. Actually you’re would be incorrect dumb ass. If you can comprehend a sentence you’d know he used the correct term. Listen to how it would sound “ misspelled words aren’t acceptable, unless you are (you’re) give a shitter is broken”. You’re/You are doesn’t fit in the context of the sentence.

        1. Do none of you realize that this entire story is satire? Remember the one they ran last month? About the church on safari? The preacher got off of the safari bus and walked into the pride of lions and knelt down to pray, so as to show the others that God would keep him safe. And of course the lions mauled him to. Same lion pics and all. hahaha……….

      1. Not just American poacher, all poachers. But yes, the Trump boys Beavis n Butthead deserve to be challenged back by the Exotic animals they FK, with. Sad for cub.

        1. Exactly. Poachers are evil. These animals were on a protected reserve, and that should have been respected.

          Poachers are not hunters. They don’t follow the rules.

          The lions were in the right here — the poacher killed a cub, they killed the poacher and had him for dinner. Good for them.

          (Misty Corrales)

          1. Even if it is a “legal” hunter, once you threaten the life of a creature, it has every right to fight back with whatever means necessary. If you want to hunt for your food, that is fine, but the prey can do whatever it needs to stop you. T
            That is how nature works.

        2. Trump must still be in your nightmares every single night. You people that hate him will bring him into any and every topic because your in a frothy frenzy, and over activated mindset of deplorable hate. Get over it!

          1. You do realize the person was in support of Trump right? Or at least was indicating that Trump doesn’t deserve to die by beasts if he hunts them. There’s no hate there man, maybe he’s more in their dreams than in their nightmares 😉

      2. If they want us to take them seriously, they should.
        And just in case this posts me as “Anonymous” as well, my name is Misty Corrales.

        It’s not hard to run spell check, and it lends credibility to your story.

    1. I agree with you a lion is totally different from a loin and can be confusing when reporting there is only 30000 loins left when I have 20 pork loins in my fridge.I don’t want people coming robbing me for what loins are left . Spellchecker cannot get into the head of writer .
      It’s not hard to check your spelling before publishing , is it?

      1. spell check wouldn’t work as it is also a legitimate word. I think the misspelling detracts from the seriousness of the article.

    2. Why is everyone so angry at each other. That idiot got what was coming to him, if someone killed your baby. You too would kill that scumbag.

    1. It does not follow that those who don’t spell-check are illegitimate reporters. It does make one question the source, but you really can’t connect the two.

      The most important issue here is the poaching of lions and the fact that most of us are not sympathetic with people who do such things.

      Many of us also ignore the terrible circumstances of many who enter into such activities, but thankfully some communities do see that if would-be poachers had other gainful employment, they would not do such terrible things.

      I’m not excusing the poachers, just pointing at those who hold positions of influence and power in communities and allow the poorest of their fellows to sink to levels where they do things like this to survive.

      Of course in areas where people are taken care of, at least to the extent were they have food, water, shelter and medical care, there is absolutely no excuse at all.

      Again, not saying there ever really is an excuse, just that if I had starving kids there would be little I wouldn’t do if driven to that extent.

      1. It shows a lack of professionalism and education.
        It doesn’t necessarily discount their content but it reflects poorly on them.

    2. Probably about as legit as your name (anonymous)
      You comment negatively without the balls to leave your name.
      Perhaps you are among they who roam the earth killing animals for sport like the dump boys. & yes…I always use a “d”.
      I occasionally make a lot of typos, but because of my typing on a tiny phone keyboard.
      Even so…legit or not…
      The fact…
      if this serves as an out-cry in the name of the voiceless sentient beings, then this article screamed of the insensitivity of the murdering sociopathic hunters of this planet.
      Killing a baby.
      Killing an adult just as bad.
      May Karma roar back at them ALWAYS!

          1. Knock knock
            Who’s there?
            Lettuce who?
            Lettuce in and you’ll find out.

            Tue story, Lettuce are sentient.

      1. ANGIE REID
        I never saw a place to leave my name.
        I do not have to hide from any post I make public. They make bluetooth keyboards that will sync with your phone. I did not try to clown you or anythink of that nature. I just informed you of how a really important article can loose its impact due to your errors. When we know better we do better!.

  1. The advertisements covered the words I was trying yo read and difficult to uncover the words and then it switched to the add. I gave up.

  2. The old adage popped into my mind “Mess with the bull, you’ll get the horns” I think the same goes for Lions; Mess with the babies, you get the claws. I think Poacher was asking for trouble and he got it.

    1. i am all with you Gretchen, why will le life of a poacher be more important than the one of unarmed lions invaded in their territory to be killed ? yes mess with the bull you’ll get the horns, men have to stop thinking they are GOD & can decide who stay alive or die on this earth

      1. “will le life”

        are you the same anon that was discussing spelling errors? or is that the queen’s english?

  3. Our Wildlife is getting smarter and learning from the monsters that started it. Too bad these idiots aren’t getting smarter. I honest to God pray it starts happening every time someone poaches. They don’t deserve to live on the same planet as these magnificent creatures!

  4. Oh c’mon as delicious as it sounds yet no video? …I’d love to see it, not only to believe it but to CELEBRATE …

  5. Best news in a long time. Pity the American Trophy Hunters don’t get exactly the same treatment, along with the rest of the poachers!

    1. Not just American poacher, all poachers. But yes, the Trump boys Beavis n Butthead deserve to be challenged back by the Exotic animals they FK, with. Sad for cub.

  6. Yaaaaaay, if this is really legit, well Happy Easter to the lions! I so hope they enjoyed the morsel they prepared … Yip, mess with the baba, his families coming for u! Well done karma

  7. As an American, I’d also like to see legalized importing the mounted heads of American trophy “hunters” who kill gentle, slow moving, sentient beings for “sport”. Maybe it would be cheaper to import my trophy home if it was a sportsman’s shrunken head … which shouldn’t take long to prepare since there are so few brains to impede the head-shrinking. Or better still, a sadistic American dentist’s picked-over skeleton, from his night abandoned alone in lion country. Hoping my thoughtful California Congressmen like Devin Nunes will see the wisdom and hunan-widlife Balance in my trophy hunter’s head importation proposal

  8. I have not researched the incident further to validate this story … but I doubt very much the photos used are relevant to the said incident. For a start the lioness’ mouth is not open and claws are not out. The chap appears to be wearing clothes of a uniform type ……

  9. At least they left his head intact. Perhaps he will think many times over should he ever get to relive that life. April Fool joke or not, the circumstances of the victim that led to his action that led to his “death” that was thanks to his actions that provided a meal of abundance to those he tried to rob is a reflection on and of us all, as a group bound in one planet, at least according to “common” knowledge.

    1. I am, by the way, not “Anonymous,” but of lion consumed by human, which put me in human. His head consumed, the dwindling number of lions remaining would soon be on the increase.

  10. Let’s think of this as today’s feel-good story. With any luck, there’ll be a lot more like it (but without the cubs getting killed).

  11. I wonder if it was a pork loin or a tenderloin!! Seriously, you can’t believe this stuff when they can’t even spell “lion” correctly.

  12. I’m glad the poacher got what e deserved too. What mom wouldn’t protect her kids?

    Regarding the content of the article….I agree with Anonymous about grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Any writing should be proofed and edited prior to publication. Not doing so reflects carelessness, apathy or ignorance. My opinion as a writer and former English teacher……

    1. LOL. You said “I’m glad the poacher got what e deserved too.”…
      thank goodness you’re former teacher.

  13. I know it’s pedantic, but also important: LIONS are NOT “Kings of the Jungle”, tigers are!

    Lions (Panthera leo) live on vast grasslands, and that is why it is important to protect their habitats: the wide open spaces of African and Arabian lions’

    Poaching should carry the heaviest penalties!

  14. The important message was about poaching. My thoughts are that the article was written by someone who’s first language is not English.

  15. loin
    plural noun: loins
    the part of the body on both sides of the spine between the lowest (false) ribs and the hipbones.
    the region of the sexual organs, especially when regarded as the source of erotic or procreative power.
    “he felt a stirring in his loins at the thought”
    a large cut of meat that includes the vertebrae of the loins.
    “loin of pork with potatoes”

  16. The misspelling lends an air of spuriousness to the piece. Can we believe something that hasn’t been prepared with such lack of diligence? Also doubt has been placed on the photograph’s veracity.

  17. Maybe I’ve missed something in the details.

    Who is taking photos of a man being attacked by a lion, without knowing who he is, rather than trying to help the man at all or indeed, running away.

    Is this a stock library photo of “man being attacked by lion”, probably not many of them available.

    1. It would most probably be footage from a “Nature Cam”. They re becoming highly regarded and frequently used by Nature and Animal conervation experts. Throughout the world. It s facinating if you ever see the footage of how nature works. From one of these such video recorders “The Balance of Nature”.

  18. If man can’t punish poachers let the lions rip them for a meal. If animals are killed for food why can’t poachers be killed for food.

  19. Good job by lions .. Happy to hear that … Ugly humans ..the source of destruction on earth.. Bless all animals ..

  20. Hey, if you don’t like this article just get the hell out of here. BTW real anons don’t make typing mistakes. the sure fake thing here is you.

    1. It s a creature more appropriately known or becoming known as. A ‘Semi Primate’. Believed by many , to basically be the result of breeding between Egyptians and Primates of our past. From around 300-600 years befor our time. I m not sure how to actually confirm this. The Semi Primate is unable to sustain itself without being destructive to humankind. It is most infamous for the cause of death s through fire and the result of lethal burns

  21. There’s nothing worse than being killed violently by a pride of loins. How else are you going to get killed? Preferably not by loins…

    1. I was absolutely amased to read how, instinctively. The Lion didn t consume the worst and probably toxic part. The actual cavity, where the ‘brain’ is actually supposed to be enclosed. And preserved. Nature and it s creatures are truly amasing?

  22. The King of Africa and it s Big Five. Manages to defend itself, to confirm it s status. By taking on the biggest ‘killer’, in Africa and the rest of the world. The lethal ‘African Semi Primate’. The balance of nature , is an outstanding feature of our planet.

  23. I have no sympathy at all for poachers or any kind of wild life hunters, but I wonder about the authenticity of this report..it says they thought he was the driver initially, before realizing it was not – then who is in the video & who was filming the incident in that video? Is that the video of this particular incident? The lion doesn’t look very aggressive in it… the video didn’t open, & I am
    surmising that’s a scene on it…

  24. All Lions are savage beasts that belong in a zoo or dead. No room on this planet for Lions and People. People are stronger. Lions are weak because they’re stupid. Kill the Lions hard.

    1. You’re one cold heartless bastard. But I respect the balls it takes to post it anonymously. (so I decided to reply anonymously). Loser.

    2. People like you know absolutely nothing about the ecology of nature. Actually a lion and his pride eating you would be a great gift to humanity. We have far too many of you and far too little of them

  25. After reading the article, it’s my opinion that English is not the writer’s primary language. The sentence structure and choice of words are a bit unusual. The spelling could be just a language mistake.

  26. Too bad that people don’t hold children in the same regard as lions. It’s PC to murder children wholesale, but kill a baby lion and you deserve the death penalty apparently.

  27. Good. Please edit your next article. This is quite informative and awesome, the the errors make it annoying.

  28. Only the poachers family will miss him. Many of us are not afraid to say he deserved what he got. Hope the lions don’t get into trouble.

  29. The fact that this article is littered not only with spelling errors but also falsehoods is very worrying. Anyone with any sense should fact check before sharing. A cub was not killed. The poacher was actually not after lions but rhinos and none of the accompanying pictures of “loins” (sic) are in any way related to the incident. Find the official write up on National Geographic.

  30. Whoever wrote this (and failed to proofread it) thanks for the laugh. It’ll be a while before I can stop thinking about the pride of loin, and the fact that there are only 30,000 of them left!

  31. Did any of you assholes that got way off subject worrying about typos ever think that maybe the reporter’s mother tongue was not English? Afrikaans is widely spoken in the Kruger area, as are a number of African languages. That being the case, the article is exceptionally well written, and the typos distract not at all. — Pay attention to the subject, which is the poaching of lions, not English grammar.

  32. All of the above simply undermines the credibility of what is after all only an amateur blog, despite its author ” smackhisface@yahoo.com ” adding his preposterous strapline to its title: “The Ultimate Travel Guide”. Time he went back to school to re-learn English.

  33. i understood what the writer was saying, but it really should be proofread before publishing. The multiple mistakes is distracting from what he or she was trying to say.

    While it is sad that the man was eaten and died a painful death – that is nature. He should not have hurt a baby and on protected lands – he got what nature provides.

  34. Karma……………….What goes around comes around. Hope he hurt a lot.

    Let this be a lesson to the next poacher

  35. Here is a perfect example of immediate, poetic justice. The heinous, murderer, criminal reaped exactly what he sowed. Bravo to the lions for getting rid of him so he can’t repeat the murder of their babies ever again. My sympathies are completely with members of the pride.

  36. Sad that the cub was killed, makes no sense. It’s like the poacher wanted to commit suicide. Lions are very protective of their young. Idiotic poacher Fand the dinner bell on himself. Idiot.

  37. The primary language of the writer was probably not English. Same for the proofreader, if one was used. But your petty complaint of a misspelled word is just that, petty.

  38. What’s with the computer-generated narration ? Couldn’t someone make enough sense of the story/script and dictate it……it sounds like some jive-CGI cartoons you can make yourself. Just my humble opinion…..Big Murth in New Mexico.

  39. Well here goes. I grew up on a farm. We had all kinds of meat to eat. Later in life I met a mentor who explained to me about the order of life, she taught that mankind did not have to eat red meat or that from hoofed animals, but to allow them their space, to respect their order as being in harmony with man. She taught that their living energy vibration is close to ours. She did encourage eating fish,poultry and vegetables. This mentor spoke of fish and poultry of being less developed and of a lower vibration of energy than hoofed animals. Her understanding was that by not being a predator we would help raise the consciousness of going back to the garden. The garden where man and animals live in harmony as true friends. I guess to many this is a dream, but to those of us who have practiced it, as I have for 40 years now, it has allowed me to commune with animals.

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