Over 1 Million Pounds Of Rat Meat Being Sold As Boneless Wings In The USA


A report released by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that 1 million pounds of rat meat has been passed off as “boneless chicken wings” from China. The extemporized chicken wings have conceivably been sold in diners and markets transversely across America throughout the latest 8 months.


According to reports, FDA inspectors raised stresses after a couple of unlawful transportation holders beginning from China were seized by customs at the Port of San Francisco.They were found to contain rat meat, wanted to be conveyed off to different meat dealing with plants transversely finished America and traded as chicken wings. The report continues saying that an immense number of pounds of unlawful meat were seized and decimated by specialists…


The FDA alerts a normal 1 million pounds of the phony rat chicken wings may regardless be accessible for use at neighborhood stores and diners without the data of the purchasers. The FDA is encouraging customers to not purchase chicken wings with the exception of on the off chance that you think about the suppliers source.

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  1. Time to stop food imports from all country’s I’m sure we can raise enough food in this country for the American people. FDA do your job don’t just tell us about it after the fact.

    1. Dame where do I get boneless wings at..I’m on my way to the chinese kitchen #200098798 best boneless wings in the states nice soft bones never have I had a hard bone in my general toss

      1. The SAINT PAUL TAVERN cuts their boneless chicken wings in house,by hand,in Indiana.Using the tenderloin of the breast. I know,I worked there and ordered the meat. USA ALL THE WAY!!

    2. Lol! You really think that with DT in office they’ll do their job? ??? The president himself uses Chinese labor to sell its hats & other goods!

      1. You’re an idiot, to believe this bullshit, to begin with. But you’re an even bigger idiot, to suggest that Trump would condone such a thing. YOU may be stupid enough to be eating rats. But if you are… you don’t get to blame it on the Chinese, the President, or your Aunt Betsy from Wisconsin. Blame it on being an ignorant liberal butt-munch.

        1. I don’t think Trump would allow agree to it with a choice. I personally do think if it was brought to Trump’s attention he would pretty much just say whatever and move on to the next issue.

            1. The Region of Murcia is an autonomous community of Spain located in the southeast of the state, between Andalusia and Valencian Community

        2. Your a bigger idiot to believe that Trump would care about what we ate or didn’t eat. He only cares about saving his own ass from Putin, that why he keeps giving Putin blow jobs. Trump doesn’t care about America, he’s a reality TV star or maybe you didn’t know that.

          1. You know, enough is enough if you can’t say anything good keep it to yourself. I am so sick and tired of people like you that have nothing good to say about anything.

            1. U r so right. Can’t fix stupid and haters will always be haters. So sad. How do they all know what President Trump would say??? All mind readers??

          2. I see you have fallen prey and become “obsessed “ with fake news. You believe Trump is automatically to blame for anything and everything that happens anywhere, anytime. Including fake chicken. There is a lot of fake chicken, no one knows what’s in it, and THAT is a fact. They have been making it for many years, it’s commonly known as chicken nuggets, chicken fries etc….is China passing off rat as chicken wings ? Who knows ? Nothing surprises me these days. Any one with common sense knows Trump is not responsible for all that is wrong in the World. A lot of what he is blamed for was happening way before he came along.

          3. Unbelievable you liberals who will never stop winning about losing this past election, will find any reason to blame anything on Trump, time for you losers to grow up and start acting like adults and stop acting like a 6 year old that didn’t get their way.

            1. Winning or Whining…? “A mind is a terrible thing to waste” isn’t that how the commercial went? Think we’re all tired of the fake news, the Liberals, the Trump Stumpers…just post something substantial and informative not rehashed fertilizer…zzzzzz,Zzzzz.. blah blah blah…is all we see and hear when it comes to these pointless rants. Enough is enough. Grow up, learn to type, use proper english and contribute something worthy not what i flushed this morning. Thanks.

        3. Actually this is true google it and it was on news they seized truck load of meat going to and from china and they actually shut down stores in NYC china to won

        1. You a bunch of trump loving sons of bitches loving a toupee wearing bitch that don’t know how to manage himself much less a country. Republicans are so fuckin stupid

    3. Anything is possible coming from China. Not too long ago a woman died who was being treated with paint chips and plaster from old buildings in China being passed off as pills. The make believe pills came in all sizes,shapes, and colors. Obviously American drug administration was fooled. They were the leading purchasers of these products. Hell this information came to my attention while being in the hospital as the nurse entered the room with a cup full of pills.lmao

    4. Anything is possible coming from China. Not too long ago a woman died who was being treated with paint chips and plaster from old buildings in China being passed off as pills. The make believe pills came in all sizes,shapes, and colors. Obviously American drug administration was fooled. They were the leading purchasers of these products. Hell this information came to my attention while being in the hospital as the nurse entered the room with a cup full of pills.lmao

    5. Idiot we are running out of food. That’s why we have chickens on steroids and vaccinated chickens who are becoming immune to deadly diseases but can still pass it off to us.

  2. FAKE NEWS! This fraudulent story pops up about once each year, and each time the quantity of rat meat sold has grown. Congratulations! You are the first to reach ONE MILLION POUNDS of rat meat sold in your fake news article.

    1. Have you tasted some of these restaraunts ‘boneless wings’ !? Rat may be an improvement, and some you know it DONT ‘taste like chicken’! …. SO , NAY NOT BE AS FAKE NEWS AS WE THINK, OR ,MAYBE, BE THE RIGHT ONES HAVNT BEEN CAUGHT YET….

    2. This is just barely scratching the surface of all of the fake shit coming from China. The fake cabbage, eggs, rice and more all sold to international food stores (i.e Indian Markets Jamaican Markets, Chinese etc) and fast food companies in America. This is really why they don’t want to label the country of origin.

      1. So trueeee!! People better open their eyes !! Smh !! Most of the diseases and cancer is stemming from the fake food tht China is sending to the USA for a cheap price!! They are really our enemies & and have figured out a way to kill a mass amount of Americans slowly & undetectable!! #WAKEUPAMERICA Who buys food from an enemy anyway??‍♀️?!! Smh !! Think about it?

        1. Let me give you some knowledge you may be right about what you’re saying about China but you are very narrow-minded narrow-minded if you think disease and cancer comes from there I don’t know what your nationality is and I’m not going to assume or discredit you on this medium but know this ever since the 1930s the United States has been experimenting with nuclear physics and disregarding all of it’s waste in the land and water systems of this country this is why so many of us in this country have cancer but I’m pretty sure you are a person that don’t know anything about history

      2. Its all business. A way to increase a dollar and make a profit. Car companies use cheaper parts ie GM and toyota. Matel once used Led. These are all researchable facts. Clothing stores sometimes use cheaper labor. Unethical business practice do exist

    3. You idiot, the number goes up because of more asshole are willing to take a chance to sell to idiots like you to make more money!

      1. No. The number goes up, because idiots like youy keep believing this bullshit. You are a liar’s wet dream.

      1. Is there a point, to your stupid comment ? It’s possible that China is crooked ? Really ? How many brain cells did you burn, coming to that conclusion ? And what does that notion have to do with this bullshit article ? China either sent is rats as ckicken wings, or they didn’t. You can believe what you want. But you can’t rationalize or justify absolute bullshit, based simply on the notion that it’s within the realm of possibility, and it regards a messed up country.

    4. Some things are true whether you believe them or not. What is your source that it’s ‘fake’, SNOPES? Who determines whether or not they are telling the truth. It obviously isn’t hurting anyone to eat this rat meat and it obviously tastes so good that many people would rather stay in denial of the possibility that they are eating a rat, rather than believe the truth. It’s true buddy.

      1. You are a moron. Who needs a source ? You apparently, have a completely different set of rules, regarding journalistic integrity, than anyone I know. Where’s the sources, for the article ? There aren’t any. Not a single one. You combine that, with the simple fact that it’s prepoterous bullshit, to begin with. And what do you get ? If you still come up with the same conclusions, you might as well just kill yourself now, before The Boogity Man, or Pee Wee Herman get you.

        1. Kill yourself? This is exactly what is wrong with the world. Just having a discussion leads to someone being told to kill themselves! You are sad and very quick to pass judgement on someone else. How does it feel if someone tells you to kill yourself??? Do you squirm inside does it make you feel good or does it make you feel powerful to say it to someone else. Grow up!

          1. Your right this is what is wrong with this society today, no one can sit and have a rational discussion on anything. There are some in this society, we all know who they are, who feel that their voices are the only ones that matter. Got news for those who feel this way, do us all a favor pick up a copy of the constitution at read, educate yourself, you might expand your knowledge a little. But then again maybe you can t read.

  3. Fake news? Who told you that? Snopes? I used to work in a commercial meat processing facility you would be really surprised at what you eat.

  4. If you read the story it reads like a bot wrote it, it’s full of wrong word usage, tense problems and extremely poor grammar. This is not an American report and it’s probably fake.

  5. I sure hope it’s fake news.!! If it isn’t – how are they killing the rats ? and in the one photo, on the video of black rats, WHY is all of their mouths open.?


  7. HAHAH
    (30 MINS LATER)

  8. All I know is that I will never eat another wing again, not a really big fan of them anyway, but for sure I am not now.

  9. However, in March 2017 the Food and Drug Administration addressed and debunked the story:

    U.S. officials didn’t seize thousands of pounds of imported rat meat prior to the Super Bowl and they never issued a warning saying restaurants and food stores could be selling it as chicken wings, despite reports shared widely on multiple websites.

    The stories claim federal customs officials at the Port of San Francisco seized several thousands of pounds of rat meat imported from China. They also mention an FDA warning that some 300,000 pounds of rat meat could still be in circulation as Super Bowl parties approached.

    FDA spokesman Peter Cassell told The Associated Press that the agency “is not aware of the seizure of rat meat referenced” and the FDA never issued such a warning. The stories quote two agency officials, but the FDA has no record of any current or past employees with those names, Cassell said.

  10. Doesn’t surprise me one bit. I was told by a girl I use to work with that her dad use to raise rabbits and would sell them to the local Chinese Buffett restaurant in Lancaster, Ohio as chicken in their restaurant!

  11. Anyone that has eaten real chicken knows chinese chicken don’t taste like chicken. It may or may not be rat but it damn sho aint chicken.

  12. lol. I don’t prefer boneless wings anyway. only like perdue wings with the bone in. if your worried about rat meat…..just chop up some chicken tenders and turn those into boneless wings. that is all. Btw I hate rats!,,,

    1. No it wouldn’t ?? How many Chinese live IN the USA these days? I’m sure they can find rats right there to kill without having to import anything… ??‍♀️??‍♀️

    1. I believe the Chinese eat any meat dog,cat,rats,and probably human but for the USA to except any meat from there would be bad ,whether frozen or not couldn’t be any good by the time it reaches here

      1. But if we could only get all that groovy stuff FRESH… that would make them great ? And just where do you think China is, anyway… in another solar system ? Anyone ever tell you, you’re kinda goofy ? Ha, ha.

      2. Wow. Both of these statements are just full of stupidities. Aside from the obvious racist and inaccurate depiction of the Chinese, I will only address the last moronic statement: “whether frozen or not couldn’t be any good by the time it reaches here.” How long do you think it takes for food to reach America from China? Frozen foods can keep for at least three months, if not longer. Do you really think it takes longer than that to reach here? Do you not understand how transportation works? There are things called airplanes. Google it. Even if the stuff was transported by automobile/ship it would still be safe to eat. (I say ship because there is a big body of water between us and China. It is called the Pacific Ocean…)

  13. I don’t doubt this is true. Honey from China was banned because they were found to be using CORN SYRUP instead of real honey., and now dump- which means they ship their food to mylasia or India, re-label it, and ship it on over to the states.Watch the documentary RAW. You will be shocked at what really goes on that we are not told about. And snopes is mostly funded by the left with ties to the Clinton cabal just a heads up.

  14. Not only fake but so poorly written, anyone who would read this and believe it, is a mutton head pea brained nitwit that should go eat all 1 million pounds of this fantasy land rat meat.

    1. Lol man you sound so stupid grow up an eat some rat meat u missing from your diet that’s why you so analyze lol.

    1. Nothing is being done. Nothing needs to be done, except for you and others to stop being so gullible. It’s bullshit ! Grow up. Go read a Mad Magazine, or something.

    1. Do all you vegans REALLY think that all the farm animals would be kept alive – as pets, perhaps? – if all the world went vegan? Perhaps you have room for a few cows and a pig or two in your garden? As to food standards, I am so glad I live in England!

  15. No such thing thing as boneless wings, wings are mostly skin and very little meat, and bones, how do people think that what they are eating are wings, it would take a lot of wings for one so call boneless wing. Wake up people

    1. Oh men you are so stupid ?, boneless are made from thights and breast no from drumsticks and wings hahaha I hope you dont belive jellybeans are made from real black beans whit sugar and colorant hahahha

    2. you are so correct in what you’re saying LOL but let me say this to all you smokers did you all know that those bootleg cigarettes mostly comes from China and are loaded down with toxins especially if you smoke Newports or Marlboro

  16. That’s why my family and I do our best to by locally raised and grown….everything. I do realize I am lucky enough to live in a place where I can. We all need to start making healthier choices in what we eat… Fast food!!! Do yourself a favor and stop eating it. Be ready to pay a little more to get something better for you…

    1. True for months I was sold what I thought was chicken anyone that’s been to Vietnam know what I’m talking about, they raise them like chicken or cattle. I must say they are tasty little critters. I’m appalled that our governmental agencies would condone this on let it transpire. As a collective and united force we must pray for the better of humanity. One love, one way under One GOD

  17. Before people get all grossed out, They should try it. I think rat meat is better than chicken. The best way to cook them is on a grill. I usually boil them for about 5 minutes before putting them on the grill. I don’t understand why people are so grossed out about rat meat. Pigs & chickens are 2 of the dirtiest animals. How come people can eat pork & chicken, but get grossed out about rat meat? Rat meat is actually pretty good.

    1. Except that rats DO carry a lot of diseases, unless they are domesticated. I’m guessing that if rats were being sold as chicken (they are not, because this story is not true) they would not be the domesticated variety…

  18. Might as well now start my own garden and have my own animals to grow everything fresh and actuallh know what im putting in my body amd my families since its come to the fact that we cant trust anyone other than ourselves.

  19. The origin of this story was World News Daily Report. They have a disclaimer stating that they are satirical. If you have never seen this site check it out. It is pretty funny with some of the stuff they make up. They are the kings of fake news and admit it.

  20. If yo dum ass don’t know the difference between a rat and chicken wing .Then you probably need to be eating a rat !

  21. This is “NOT” Fake news. These Chinese have been doing this for many years. I have seen several Chinese food places closed down all over Los Angeles, due to them selling “Rat Meat.” This is just Gross. Somebody needs to do something about this ISH.

    1. Bullshit. Name one restaurant. And if that IS happening… what makes you think those places got their rat meat, imported from China, rather than from the alley, behind them ? The fact is Skippy, this IS fake news… regardless of what sleazy little shit hole restaurants, you may have encountered.

  22. Leonard OConnor rat meat is actually rather tasty …. I used to eat them in empanadas when I was living in Panama. I at first did not know it was rat meat. When I found out later…. I didn’t care…. they were tasty!

  23. I swear. All of you who are sayin you ate ? you must have mental problem. You are disgusting. You know they are poisonous. And who doesn’t see the difference between the chicken and a rat.

  24. What is the name of the place where the chicken rats is coming from,why was this not caught . The fda is not during their job ,shame

    1. You are the one, not doing your job. You are supposed to be on huard, against bullshit fake news. You failed.

  25. Its amazing we can grow and raise enough food for countries all around the world. But we have to have “chicken ” imported? What have we come to as a free nation?

  26. How about the Asians sitting on the park bench snatching up birds then cook and serve. them out of their restaraunt as “chicken and dunmplings.””

  27. Why from Chinese? American can made their foods. You never expect from Chinese food or any material. Chines so so so bullshit

  28. Chickens are sent from USA to china for processing to keep the prices down. How do we know what the hell they are really sending back.

  29. Well in China they sit on these wood benchs with holes cut so you can poop into the water where fish are just waiting for the “treat”. Do you think they don’t eat those fish. It’s entirely a different world over there!

  30. The government needs to support the US farmers & help them out so we don’t have to buy oversea stuff period.

  31. Fake news, no sources cited, pretty obviously not written by an English speaker and run through a translation app. Are Americans now so dumbed down that they can’t notice the bad grammar and atrocious syntax? Also, anyone else note that in the vast majority of pictures the rats are whole and already cooked, ready-to-eat? That is because rats are eaten in Far-East Asia, along with plenty of other foods westerners are too fussy to eat. If you eat meat and truly want to know where your meat comes from, you need to hunt and fish for it yourself, raise it yourself, or buy it from a local farmer, or local butcher. The little local butchers and abbatoirs are heavily regulated and inspected by the government, which wants to force people to buy from Big Ag instead, which gets by with pencil-whipped okays from inspectors. When you buy your trays of cellophane meat provided neatly for you by the USDA meat-fairies, you have to put an awful lot of faith in an awful lot of potentially sketchy, greedy people along an awfully long chain. (This includes you too, vegans – if you didn’t grow it, chances are good you don’t know much about your food, either.) Enjoy your soylent green, sheeple – mangia!

  32. What’s wrong with eating rat flesh as opposed to chicken? Is it not the same thing? As long as it tastes good, no problem. Similar in the UK a few years ago: massive scandal when horse meat was discovered in beef products. People were sickened to discover that instead of cows they’d actually been consuming horses. Zombie freaks. I’m so glad I’m a natural born herbivore and don’t have any such concerns!

  33. Almost funny that every freaking problem that pops up, liberals blame it on Trump? Get over it, he’s our President, Like it or not. Put your crayons away, get out of your crying rooms, teach this generation to accept defeat and disappointment ….that’s life!
    This story? Who knows if true or not. I do question those
    Chinese ribs…lol..

    1. It’s true that this satirical news story has nothing to do with Trump, but you’re statement shows that you don’t have a clear understanding of what is going on in the world if you think liberals are whining children who need to “put away their crayons and grow up.” You don’t seem to understand that his position as president is a dangerous thing both to democracy and our place on the world stage. I don’t care for Republican presidents who generally cater to the super rich, but I don’t lose sleep over it either. If you think this presidency is no different than any other republican presidency, then you are an idiot. Or at the very least, you do not understand the implications of his actions since assuming office and are another moron screaming “libtard this” and “libtard that” while being led along blindly like a sheep. If you don’t understand what I mean by that, it just p[roves that point I am trying to make…

  34. As long as America been eating chicken, you mean to tell me you can’t see a difference in the chicken wing vs a rat leg? Or does no one look at their food they just pick it up and eat I guess! Also, I would not agree that Trump would be okay with American eating such a rodent!

  35. It’s out there I order for delivery chicken wings and I was bout to throw down on that chicken dog meat what ever I seen odd leg look like a small dog leg then a very big piece I said I got got with dog meat. I thru the whole dog meat to dog park and the dogs wouldn’t event eat it.

  36. It’s incredible to me how many people are taking this article seriously and with one easily reference of all google search you can see this is all fake and was made up about two years ago but just keeps getting peddled. It’s not interesting that there’s no sources to the FDA report or even an author that wrote this garbage. Please ladies and gentlemen do a single iota of research when you read these dumb ass fake websites

  37. Only morons and Drumpf supporters believe this garbage.
    The Channel 5 reporting this does not even have call letters.
    America is getting dumber everyday.

  38. Trump is an idiot. He is not making America great again. Instead of companies coming back here more are leaving to go overseas. If you don’t believe it check it out the latest to leave is Harley Davidson

  39. They sold it a few years ago at the Superbowl game , here in northern California. This is the truth. The sold it at the Levi, Avaya stadiums and in San Francisco. From what an inside source told me.

  40. We will see the shortages im sure the facts are all ready on anywho our four fathers were eating rodents before us people are like ikky but with the right preparations. Tastes like Chicken!???

  41. All of you better get use to eating any damn thing you can because one day soon, you might have to eat rat everyday for the rest of your life.

      1. I seriously cannot believe people think this is true.
        1) If this was true, it would’ve been all over the news
        2) FDA is not the government organization in charge of meat. It is USDA
        3) All manufactures that produce meat domestic or not must be inspected by FSIS ( under USDA)

  42. Amazing the lengths the supporters of the imperial presidency will go to defend him. Stories like this, true or not, have been around forever, remember spider eggs in chewing gum? The track record of the snake-oil salesman in office is a matter of public record; branding it ‘fake news’ doesn’t change the truth. We buy foreign sourced foods and clothing because American companies make bigger profits, and MAGA fools would rather save a few pennies than give a living wage to American workers. The Big T hires immigrant workers with special visas at all of his resorts; he has a public record of cheating his workers and contractors. But, why confuse you with the public record. You got a would be king … now suffer with being ripped off.

  43. They give the menu,we order,we eat,tastes good,no questions asked.I bought 73% ground beef at Aldi’s and again it still don’t seem it’s what it says it is.Are they selling horse meat for beef again?I took a lot of very small white pieces from the meat I cooked,I made tacos,my daughter found a lot of little white pieces still in the meat,even after I added the taco spice.Who knows?

  44. Sorry but meat eaters and cheating Chinese kinda deserve eachother. Just enjoy the rat meat they prepared it with just as much love as they do with chickens.

  45. Yeah it’s true Trump is trying to kill us. He lowered the FDA regulations and now everyone is getting sick off of red meat. I mean rat meat.

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