Instagram Trophy Hunter Misses His Shot And Gets ELIMINATED By The Lion

A terrifying video has been making it’s rounds online showing a group of Trophy Hunters.

The hunters are huddled together as they finally laid eyes on a male Lion that would be a perfect fit for a photo opportunity and trophy.

These hunters kill the most feared animals on the planet and post the photos on social media.


So they turn on their cameras and take aim at a Lion they spotted in the wild.

But the hunter misses his shot and the Lion comes for the attack and savagely mauls the hunter.

18 thoughts on “Instagram Trophy Hunter Misses His Shot And Gets ELIMINATED By The Lion

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  1. That’s what I call karma and may it be a warning to other reply
    Trophy hunters … May the same happen to you if you don’t take heed xxx

  2. Fantastic! Go lion, do what you have to do to defend yourselves from this pale virus monster creature who sees black people and these majestic animals that roam the African plains and jungle as a shoot to kill take home trophy. Go get ’em boy.

  3. i would have leave this fatfuck bleed to death and because i’m kind i’ll give him a phone with no signal xD

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