Hunter gets eaten alive by a Pride of Lions after he murdered a Cub

Ingwelala Private Nature Reserve in South Africa was shaken with the screams of a man who was attacked and killed by Pride of Lion in private game reserve near the Kruger National Park. Before the lions were dispersed with the help of gun-shots, they had eaten most of the body barring the head that was untouched.

Police initially thought that the victim was a tractor driver who worked in this private reserve. But later on when the driver appeared alive the suspicion began to grow. A hunting rifle was recovered near the remains of the dead that almost confirmed it to be a Trophy Hunter who had sneaked into the private reserve.


The man was killed viciously and the incidence had been very disturbing and terrifying. Nevertheless, sympathy does not stand with the victim who had been hunting in the private reserve. And when someone like him transgresses the limits and enters the domain of lions with intention of harming them, the king of the jungle never forgets its animal instincts for survival. The encounter then is a fair game, lions with their power and a Trophy Hunter with his gun met his chosen fate.

There are only 30000 loins left on the planet including 20000 in African Wild life areas. Large numbers of them are kept in captivity for entertainment. It is essential for the mankind to co-exist with them and protect them to survive so that future generations don’t just see them on papers like we look at dinosaurs.

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    1. The story is true, but the photo of the man and the lion (which are most likely not the same individuals) is obviously Photoshopped to look like an attack, when the photo looks more like a “friendly” encounter.

      If that were the real hunter he’d have been on the ground in an instant!

  1. His a clown. And clowns are not takin seriously rather laughed at. Im laughing at him so hard at his funeral became a circus..fool. may you rest in pieces.

  2. This piece of shit got exactly what he deserved and I hope all poachers get this same exact thing happen to them!!! He killed one of their babies and now he can’t take away anymore. This is what he finally gets after who knows how long he’s been sneaking into reserves and how many animals he’s killed. GOOD RIDDANCE…. Lions 1- piece of shit – 0…

    1. Has it occurred to you that
      English may not be theor firat language?
      Or you you just rhink people without formal education, in English are not to be trusted?

      1. Has it occurred to you that
        English may not be their first language?
        Or you you just think people without formal education, in English, are not to be trusted?

  3. This is poetic justice! There should be no sympathy for the perpetrator. The assault on the planet’s wildlife for profit and personal pleasure particularly on the African continent, is abominable and should be tackled by the authorities mercilessly. Perpetrators are no less than common murderers who should be treated as such.

  4. Anonymous
    August 11, 2018 at 9:10 am
    Pretty sure anything from Snopes is fake

    I will fathom a guess that you are an Infowars worshiper.

  5. Seriously, what would you do if some crazy killed one of your kids just for kicks? I know what I would do. I am happy that the lions got rid of this senseless killer. One less trophy hunting poacher to deal with. I sincerely hope all big game sport hunters meet the same fate.

  6. This news makes my heart soar like an eagle. I hope the bast*ard died in pain, screaming, as he was eaten bite by bite.

  7. Talk about “Just Deserts” This Is how it should be …a level playing field, where a hunter could become the hunted

  8. I wonder why ppl make a big issue about incorrect spelling or English. This is FB, not an exam. I believe the contents of the article is important.

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