Guy Who Filmed Himself On Instagram Live Beating A Dog To Death Arrested.

A shocking video went viral over the weekend from a Saudi man’s Instagram live account showing him beating a dog to death while pinning him to the steering wheel of his car.




After the video went viral, people on social media, including celebrities went on the hunt to track down the man and turn him into the proper authorities:

Who are these dirty, sub-human c**ts?. Surely someone knows? This video is f*cking horrible by the way and shows a beautiful dog being hurt, in case you don’t want to watch.

#ThereIsNoExcuseForAnimalAbuse EVER!!

I’m hearing reports that those dog torturing c*nts have been arrested.

A human being cruel to an animal and a human being cruel to another human are both human cruelty. The cunt in both cases is a human.







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