Disturbing Video Details How Elephants Are Abused In Thailand.



Did you know that elephants are losing a malicious battle against the voracity of the human beings? Regardless of the fact that they are herbivores and do not pause us a dangerous threat, they often face dreadful torture, abuse and murder. Most of us know that poaching means killing off the jumbos and leaving behind babies, but not many of us realize that tourism industry is also a fat contributor in the unfortunate demise of these tender giants.


Just like the circuses, the elephants are being extensively used in the tourism industry for elephant baths, elephant trekking where they are used and abused indiscriminately. To make the elephants submit to the human demands, they are often abducted when they are young, sheltered in heavy chains and restraints, while their cruel handlers abuse them with bullhooks and whips to frighten them and submit to orders.



As seen in the video, the reality behind the bright side of elephant baths and trekking is entirely different from what we see with naked eyes. This secret footage shared by the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand unravels a blind female elephant in the South Thailand, who is forced to transfer huge loads of tourists every day. And when she misses on an order, she is brutally beaten and whipped in the face, head, trunk and feet for hours as she remains locked up in chains.

This shocking abuse is frightening to watch, but unfortunately, this is the reality behind most of the animal adventures in the world. If you want to be more involved in saving Thailand’s wild animals, then you should visit the facebook page of the Wildlife Friends Foundation. Without our support, these tourist attractions will be forced to shut down. So, let’s all come together and stop visiting such places that make bundle of profit by exploiting animals.


Many of us, in a bid to find the perfect selfie on the back of the jumbos, forget how it feels to live a life like that of the elephants. So, as responsible humans let’s help spread the truth about the cruel elephant tourism industry and share this post as much as possible.

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