Disgruntled Employees Feed The Zoo’s Donkey To Tigers While Tourist Watch



A Chinese zoo has come under fire after being filmed feeding a live donkey to a pack of hungry tigers in front of stunned onlookers. Horrified tourists witnessed a group of what they believed to be staff members of the zoo pushing a live donkey into a tiger enclosure for the animals to tear apart. But the plot thickens: according to eye-witnesses, a disgruntled shareholder actually ordered the donkey to be thrown into a moat inside the tiger’s enclosure at the Yancheng Safari Park (also known as the Yancheng Wild Animal World), about 180km outside of Shanghai, China.



In shocking footage taken by a tourist, someone can be heard yelling, ‘No, they wouldn’t!’But it turns out that yes they bloody would and a group of men in see-thru red raincoats can be seen pushing the helpless donkey into the moat. The tiger’s interest is immediately piqued and one of them jumps onto their unwilling visitor’s back. It begins clawing and biting the donkey as it makes a desperate but futile attempt to escape its captor’s grasp.



One of the tigers clearly isn’t too fond of water and stands on the embankment, clawing at the donkey from dry land like the big pussy it is. Eventually, excitement gets the better of it and the tiger joins its fellow captive in the water. The killing took place in front of families with young children but the donkey apparently survived for up to an hour before finally succumbing to its injuries: hardly what you’d call fast food. Amazingly, the zoo claims it was not their staff who performed this heinous feeding ritual: a statement released by the facility claims that it was actually one of their shareholders who ordered his men to feed the donkey to the tigers.


They alleged that the investor was dissatisfied after a local court ruled against the zoo last year during a debt dispute and subsequently froze their assets. Zoo employees claim that the shareholder turned up with a lorry and tried to remove several animals in order to sell them himself but when he was stopped by zoo staff members, the maniac drove the animals to the tiger enclosure and ordered his men to toss the donkey into the moat. No charges have been laid against the assh*le responsible.

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    1. They are a sick bunch. I think the world would be a better place without this country. They care little for dogs and cats torturing them before death. The government won’t make laws to protect animals. Chinese goods need to be boycotted…this loser country does not deserve my money. Hopefully, you will all feel the same after seeing what happened to this poor donkey. Please BOYCOTT Chinese junk.

  1. Shut this so called zoo down!!!!!!!!!! For whomever pushed that innocent donkey into the water to the tigers you should all be punished severely!!!!! None of you have the right to do such a cruel act or should be looking after animals…Animals in captivity like this zoo is cruel…CLOSE THIS PLACE DOWN!!

  2. It is extremely disturbing that the tigers actually lost their hunting skills. Or most probably, they never knew how to hunt. they’re biting at the wrong places, making death so damn slow and hard for the donkey.

  3. 知道什么是报应吗?要不是前世它推你入虎口,那你就等着你自己的轮次吧!动物园是这样教育小孩的吗?将来长成冷血杀手是谁的责任?

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