Billionaire Lifestyle: Breathtaking Private Islands For Rent On AirBnB.

Bound within the chains of today’s stressful lives, sometimes, you just want to set yourself free from it all. Especially if escaping reality involves relaxing and rejuvenating at a luxury-studded island. So, we’ve created an exclusive list of the World’s most expensive private islands to rent – the ones that will not only invite you within the lap of the nature but also cater to the ultra-modern amenities that you always dreamt of. So, fasten your seatbelts, here are the best getaway islands for your next chill-out break!

1. Wadigi Island, Fiji

Price: $2,400 to $7000/night.


Accessible only via a short helicopter ride, this posh Fiji gateway hosts only six guests at a time. What makes this 5-star luxury property a once-in- a-lifetime experience is the perfect blend of tranquil beaches, exotic cuisines and the upbeat accommodation. In addition to an especially dedicated boat captain, you are catered to the 24 by 7 luxury of private chefs and housekeeper.

2. Satellite Island, Tasmania

Price: $3900/night.

Situated at the iconic Tasmania coast, this island was discovered in the 18th century. Once a hot tourist destination, today it bids a luxurious private retreat for anyone and everyone who’s looking for a rejuvenating time alone. Home to a number of indigenous bird species, it also offers a wide range of fun-activities like kayaking and scuba diving.

3. Lizard Island, Australia

Price: $6000/night.

One of the continent’s premium-best islands, it features 40 well-appointed private suits. Nestled nearly 150 miles from Cairns, the island is witness to a few destructive cyclones, and was therefore restored back to its luxurious appeal. With a plethora of luxury beaches the island overlooks the lush blue sea coupled with an ever-lasting pleasant weather.

4. Dolphin island, Fiji

Price: $6000/night for 8 guests.

Bidding an enjoyable castaway feel to its vacationers, this 14-acre private holiday retreat caters everything from delectable seafood to perennial tropical weather to a wide range of water sport activities.

5. Thanda Island, Tanzania

Price: $10,000/night.

Situated merely 16 nautical miles away from the mainland coast of Tanzania, this island is witness to natural ecology complemented by a spotless landscape. In fact, it houses a private reserve (with a large focus on sustainability), solar driven energy, a number of picturesque walking trails and few of the most popular water adventure sports such as diving and snorkeling.

6. The Brando, French Polynesia

Price: $18,500/night.

Named after Marlon Brando himself, this island is soaked in luxury in the lap of the nature. While it is believed that the island was bought by the Hollywood actor at $200,000, it showcases 35 well-appointed villas master-crafted on the top of the striking, private beaches which are available at a mammoth $18,500/night.

7. Cousine Island, The Seychelles

Price: $26,000/night.

Thanks to the owner’s momentous efforts to conserve the island’s natural greenery and prosperous vegetation, the Cousine Island is the best a nature-lover can get. Nestled 1000 miles east of Africa, the island caters to the luxury of an open restaurant, a library bar, a stunning freshwater pool and a recently refurbished Presidential Villa housing two ultr-modern bedrooms.

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