9 Dreamy and Glitzy Underwater Hotels in the World

There is no life without water, yet we haven’t seen life within the water. While floating cities, tree loft rentals are easy gateways uphills, underwater resorts are still a product of a vivid imagination. Here’s a list of the most beautiful and attractive underwater hotels which will leave you spellbound.

P.S. At the end of the day, there’s nothing more satisfying than tucking yourself into the laps of nature.


1. Floating Villa, Dubai

Are you craving for something out of box while visiting on a holiday? Then think of staying underwater floating villa in Dubai. Nestled a couple miles away from the coast of Persian Gulf, the villa’s upper deck peeps out of water while the lower one remains submerged. Equipped with various facilities for a comfortable stay, the lower deck features master bedrooms that facilitate the fabulous view of marine life through the glass windows.

2. Utter Inn, Sweden

Master-crafted at the edge of the lake Malaren, this ultra-modern hotel is an exclusive design of the world renowned architect Mikael Genberg. You are moved to this wonder in a boat and left at your own to soak in the magnificence underwater and overlook the dazzling marine life while relaxing in your bedroom. You can order the in-room service to serve your dinner. Enjoy the close encounter with marine life.

3. Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island

Conrad Maldives is oriental luxury at its best. While there are no underwater rooms, it caters to the luxury of an underwater restaurant that’s 16 feet below the surface and all fabricated of glass. Regarded as one of the most beautiful restaurants of the world by New York’s daily news, it caters to a lifetime dining experience in the backdrop of the stunning marine life.

4. Ocean Suites, Sentosa Resort World, Singapore

Housing its own private Marine life park, Ocean suites is equipped with a swanky Jacuzzi and a corridor at its upper floor. The lower floor, on the other hand, offers marvelous bedrooms that offer wide access glass view towards the large aquarium. The suits are loaded with all amenities of luxury of high end. So get ready to have fun of highest degree at this resort. 

5. Poseidon Resort, Katafanga Island, Fiji

Want to go into water to feel the freshness of aquatic life in their natural habitats? Just visit Poseidon Resort. A Magnificent underwater luxurious resort that provides an exquisite experience, Poseidon resort features 24 undersea suits to cater to an unparalleled underwater experience. Almost two third of each suit is transparent and has a private coral garden to behold your sight. And yes you can feed the aquatic life by just pushing a button.

6. Manta Resort Underwater Hotel Room, Tanzania

Another excellent underwater hotel, Manta resort features three levels of accommodation. While the sea level is enriched with the goodness of a landing deck, one could take the staircase leading towards the roof to enjoy a sunbath or for star gazing in the night. But the best surprise lies in the ‘blue hole’, or underwater compartments that offer breathtaking 360-degree views.

7. Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental, China

Nestled at the outskirts of downtown Shanghai, hotel Shimao Wonderland has 19 levels including two floors submerged under water. The hotel is constructed in an isolated water quarry under Tianmenshan Mountain. The underwater submerged floors showcase guest rooms and a swanky restaurant which overlooks a huge aquarium. What’s more? Shimao also provides a host of water sport activities including bungee jumping.

8. Jules Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida


Boasting itself as America’s only underwater hotel, Jules undersea lodge was once a lab for marine experiments. Transformed into a hotel in 1986, the hotel could be reached after a scuba dive. Don’t worry! A crash course is provided to make you comfortable for the dive, which in itself is an amazing experience that takes you through the tropical mangroves of Emerald Lagoon. Moreover, the stay at the hotel is extraordinarily comfortable with a well-equipped kitchen, books, hot shower, books and much more.

9. Atlantis the Palm, Dubai

Atlantis the palm is a theme park with high end luxury in Dubai. It is rightly christened after the mythical sunken city of Atlantis.   The hotel has two underwater suits overlooking the marine treasures of Ambassador Lagoon. Providing with a floor to ceiling views of rich marine life, the suits cater to memorable experience to cherish for a lifetime.

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