7 Most Breathtaking European Destinations For Solo Traveling.

Thinking of Vacation? Think of Europe! One of the prime picks when it comes to vacation, with a heritage so rich, the climate so pleasant and the sky that remains blue forever, Europe caters to the checklist of every kind of traveler. Here we present to you a list of 7 European Destinations for ‘Solo Travellers’:
  1. Burges, Belgium


Who doesn’t love Belgian Chocolates? Belgium is known not just for its premium chocolate, but also for the grassy banks, canals, and willows. The Best way to wander around is to hire a bicycle from the local shop to enjoy the exquisite architecture, full of churches and streets filled with small pop up shops. Enjoy the sweet taste of this lively city!

  1. Prague

    Source: Telegraph

Just as exciting as its name, Prague caters to all the major monuments and sightseeing options within easy walking distance. This saves one from the hassle of longer trips. The Prague Castle and the quaint old town region, The Gothic Churches, all deserve a place in your visiting list. And if you happen to be a theater lover, then Prague welcomes you by the performances at exclusive venues from stands around the city, which surprisingly doesn’t pinch the pocket much!

  1. Vienna, Austria

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This Austrian City is not only beautiful but also holds the rank among the top Five Safest Cities in the World.  A solo traveler’s paradise, the Austrian capital is eminently known for its incredible music scenes, the iconic Schonbrunn Palace and the famous Opera House. So, find a cozy café and enjoy the sights and sounds of the city’s rapidly growing design.

  1. London

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A city that never sleeps! Could you name any other city which breathes life in all the aspects of what it takes to be the best tourist destination for a solo traveller? I bet you can’t. What’s more? London offers convenient train navigation system that works wonders to connect you from one destination to other. Few of the major sightseeing attractions include The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Harry Potter tour, Madame Tussaud’s, London Bridge, Windsor Castle Step and so forth. Thanks to the rich Pub culture, it is a city that never sleeps, as there are many clubs to choose from.

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark

    Source: EuropeanBestDestinations

Regarded as the happiest place on the Earth, Copenhagen caters to the goodness of a two-line metro system, getting you exactly where you need to go. What’s more? Ranked as the best bike city in the world, Copenhagen makes it even easier to jet around the city on bikes. So what are you waiting for? Grab a bike and unveil the city’s advanced infrastructure and make memories for a lifetime.

  1. Edinburgh, Scotland

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One of the best ways to meet new people while travelling solo is to head towards a festival, where one could catch up with fellow travelers and locals. And there’s no other city in Europe which does festivals quite like Edinburgh. From the classic International Film Festival to the musical Jazz and Blues Festival to the spectacles of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the city caters to the luxury of countless celebrations that only make it more desirable among the solo travellers.

  1. Paris, France

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‘Come fall in love with city of love’

While Paris remains the top European destination for a cozy twosome travel, the city of love is just as fascinating for the solo travellers too. With the world-renowned Eiffel tower stealing the show, the city houses the charming Champs-Elysees, the legendary Montmartre paths and the striking halls of Louvre. An absolute treasure for art, culture and food lovers, Paris is your place to be.

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