10 Of The Most Incredible Looking Trees In The World.

How do we love thee, dear tree? Let us count the ways; you let us breathe by conoverting carbon dioxide into oxygen, you confiscate the carbon, and you selflessly provide shelter to a number of critters. There is a plethora of reason why we should be tree-loving hippies, but here in this article we shall glimpse over some of the most picturesque trees around the world:
  1. Cherry trees, Germany

The blooming walkway of cherry blossoms in Bonn, Germany is once-in-lifetime visit when spring paves its way in March and April. Imparting a new aura to the streets, these picturesque cherry trees form a virtual tunnel, your newly found lovely background for next Instagram post.

  1. Dragon blood trees

Having derived its name from the fascinating red colored sap, the dragon blood trees are on of their kind. A striking blend of beauty and utility, the tree is widely known to offer one-stop remedy for a number of ailments besides being a wonderful alchemical ingredient

  1. Rainbow Eucalyptus, Hawaii

Enriched with the goodness of brightly colored barks, this tree is an epitome of rainbow on the Earth. Rich in looks as well as function, this botanical marvel is used for papermaking, where its bark and the pulpwood are the active ingredients.

  1. Dark Hedges, Ireland

With its origin dating long back to the 18th century, this stunning beech tree passageway has even been featured in the Game of thrones for its remarkable visual appeal. Hugely popular among the tourists, this antiquated post-card perfect street offers dot perfect wedding shots in the perfect lively light contrast.

  1. Jacarndas, South Africa

The lovely, thriving violet Jacarandas with its vividly hued flowers could primarily be spotted in South Africa. These spectacular structures feature beautiful bursts of foliage in between them. Evident at the parks, walking alleys and pathways, the Jacarndas envelope the whole region in violet snow.

  1. Baobabs, Madagascar

Beautiful, beastly and beneficial, the Baobabs are enriched with the goodness of stout trunks which are useful in collecting water resources during droughts. The Baobabs avenue features a collection of baobab trees inundating the streets between Belong and Morondava in western Madagascar.

  1. Oak Tree Path, South Carolina

In an endeavor to make the Oak tree plantation more accessible to the public, College of Charleston paved the way for this picturesque avenue which emerged as a tourist attraction known for its natural trail, treasure gardens and much more.

  1. Wind swept trees, New Zealand

Growing at a particular angle, the wind swept trees are constantly pushed by the strong Antarctic winds. Owing to the natural phenomenon, these trees seem swept towards one side.

  1. Wisteria, Japan

Spread across half an acre, the 144 year old wisteria is not only one of its kind but also the biggest in Japan. Unveil the beauty of these glorious trees at the strike of the sunset when they enlighten the evening sky with their glittering pink splashes. While they might emulate massive trees, they derive more similarity to the vine plantations.

  1. Antarctic Beech, Oregon

Indigenous to Chile and Argentina, the Antarctic Beech is native to the North Pacific region. This bright green pathway in Oregon is adorned by opulent, hanging moss growths that make it just the perfect setting for nature photography and wedding photo shoots.

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