10 Incredible Houses which are Hidden from Public View

There are times when each and every one of us wants to spend some quality solo time. What makes this time precious is the fact that we spend it all by ourselves without the distortion of the outside world. In an endeavor to bid you an awesome ‘me retreat’, we’ve prepared a list of homes that are completely hidden from public view:
  1. Mirage House , Greece

Slightly above the land, this ultramodern Mirage house features an infinity pool on the rooftop where you could relish the breathtaking panoramic views of the Aegean Sea without compromising your privacy.  What’s more? It also showcases a comfy sheltered terrace that offers great respite beside the incredible views.

  1. Edgeland House, Texas

Sitting comfortably under the grass patch in Texas, this house seeks its design inspiration from the vernacular of the “pit house”, the idea behind the building’s construction under the earth’s mass was to make it ‘thermally comfortable’ while letting sufficient sunlight to come through.

  1. Langtry House, London

While majority of the house rests underground, it is completely deceptive from the outside, and an airy living space inside proves why the property has a $6.4 million price tag.

  1. Casa brutale, Greece

Master designed by architects OPA, this dream-like cliff hanger is proposed to be constructed in a cliff face in Greece, overlooking the Aegean Sea. What makes it stand apart feature is probably its spectacular rooftop, glass-bottomed pool, which speckles beams of light through the entire house.

  1. Woolbrook Reservoir, Sidmouth, England

Conversion of the anterior water reservoir prevalent in Sidmouth, this five-bedroom house is decorated with deluges of light coming through the enormous glass walls. While the home’s wooded grounds stretch to nearly an acre, it literally masts above you from the central courtyard.

  1. Villa Vals, Switzerland

Situated quite far from the city, this villa offers serene atmosphere which one could thoroughly enjoy.  Located right next to the eminent Therme Vals, it is hidden beneath the lush white slopes.

  1. Luxury Cave House, Spain

Inscribed inside a hill in Galera, this dwelling is set in a tranquil location. And if you are not scared to look down, you could catch sight of some beautiful valleys towards the chapel on the hill.

  1. Cliff house, Australia

A unique 5-storey modular home, this cliff house by Modscape might just be a concept, but it is indeed a 5-storey modular home with one side clinging on to a cliff and the other overlooking the coast.

  1. Round Tower, England

Built into the crest of a hill, the round tower features an extra-ordinary design which is deemed to be an underground extension to the tower. It features a swimming pool, sunken courtyard, and terraces, which are all hidden from public view.

  1. Green Magic Homes, Anywhere you like

And if you are really fond of the hobbit lifestyle, then Green Magic homes could be one of your prefab micro-houses. Built under the soil and turf, it not only takes privacy to another level but also makes it a stunning private house to live in.

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