10 Disturbing and Emotional Pictures Taken Moments Before Tragedy Struck.

You never know what your last moments will be like. It’s a morbid thought to have, but in the end you can only hope they’re peaceful. Here’s another morbid thought, how would you like to die if you had the choice? Well, those two questions can go hand in hand when looking at the end of things. Of course there are plenty of other questions to ask, but those two are the bigs ones that are relevant here.

These photographs contain the final moments of some of the most unassuming people, who will now be remembered forever. They died in tragedies, each and every one, and that’s not something we should be forgetting, but growing from. To quote Irvin Yalom here, “If we climb high enough, we will reach a height from which tragedy ceases to look tragic.”



1. Gary Slock, a Dutch teenager poses with his mother Petra in a selfie before a Malaysian Airlines flight took off. Unfortunately, the two were on a doomed plane, and the remains have yet to be found.

2. This young couple from Little Rock, Arkansas posed for a Snapchat just before the lady’s boyfriend shot and killed her. I mean, what could possibly have been the warning signs?

3. This is the final photograph taken of and by Gabriela Hernandez. Posted to Facebook back in 2013, she committed suicide shortly after.

4. Dave Hally had no clue this would be the last happy family picture he would ever take of his wife and four-year-old daughter. They were off for what was supposed to be a dream vacation, starting off on flight MH17 with Malaysian Airlines.

5. This is the last photograph taken of former Canadian soldier Robert Gilbin and his wife. Posted to Facebook with the caption “Happiness is” the soldier killed his pregnant wife before committing suicide himself.

6. If there was ever a crew that had some terrible luck, it was this one. The Challenger crew back in 1986, before walking onto a doomed mission.

7. What does it look like ten seconds before you fall to your death in a completely preventable turn of events? I would say to ask Andrey Retrovsky, but you can’t now.

8. Back in August of 1969, actress Sharon Tate was showing off her baby belly in the morning sun. Sadly, that would be the last morning she ever saw, as that very night she was attacked by members from the Charles Manson Family.

9. What was supposed to be a romantic photograph of this couple’s vacation to Niagara Falls is instead the last picture ever taken of Ayano Tokumasu. The Japanese exchange student lost her footing and fell to her death, moments after this shot was taken.

10. Moments before the Bataclan gained it’s now brutal and bloody stigma in the Paris shootings, Gilles Leclerc got one last selfie in with his girlfriend. They never could have expected what came next…

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